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Why are health systems prone to corruption?
  1. uncertainty
  2. asymmetric information
  3. large numbers of dispersed actors
define social capital
  • refers to:
    • connections among individuals
    • interactions that enable people to build communities, commit themselves to each other, and knit a social fabric


categories of social capital
  • civic engagement
  • trust
  • civic responsibility
  • power of community members
  • networks and connections
  • collective community vitality
Questions that are asked to gauge civic engagement


How civically engaged are people in your community?






  • Have you donated your time to volunteer work in your community in the last 12 months?
  • Have you attended a community parade or celebration in the past 12 months?
  • Have you contacted a community or public official in the last 12 months?

What questions are asked to gauge trust in community
  • Do you trust and feel safe in your community
    • How often do you feel safe walking down

      the street at night in your community?






      Overall, can you trust your local government to do what is right?

Questions asked to gauge civic responsibility
  • Do citizens feel a sense of civic duty?
    • you lost your wallet with 200 dollars. How many people int he cummunity would return it?
    • a terrible storm hit your community and left people homeless. How many people would you help out in any way?
questions to ask in regards to power of community members
  • are you making a difference
    • Have you helped plan or lead a meeting or activity
    • Do you or your friends think you can impact where you live and make it a better place
    • have you ever served on a committee or as a club officer in the past 12 months?
Questions asked to gauge networks and connections


  • Have you been involved in any recreational, sports, garden, investment or hobby group in the last 12 months?







  • Have you been involved in a youth or parents’ organization in the past 12 months?


questions asked to gauge collective community vitality
  • How often do people who move away from the community to find better opportunities
  • Are those of different races and ethnicities welcomed and involved together in the same groups, activities, and organizations
types of health movements and examples
  • health outcome focus
    • march of dimes
    • anti-tobacco
  • indirectly health focused
    • Womens movement
    • labor movement
    • civil rights
    • gay rights
    • indigenous peoples movement
  • intermediate
    • prohibition
    • MADD
    • environment
How can political movements improve health
  • improve social order
  • increase social cohesion/capital
  • increase access to basic needs/essential services
  • increase access to health, education, social services
  • increase awareness/action on particular health issues (or informed health choices by members of movement)
  • increase awareness/action on other disparities with direct and indirect health consequences
  • increase voice in distribution of health resources
  • increase voice in distribution of resources with health consequences
Name tenants of the declaration of sentiments
  • women were not allowed to vote
  • women had to submit to lawas when they had no voice in their formation
  • married women had no property rights
  • husband had legal power over and responsibility for their wives to the extent that they coud imprison or beat them for impurity
  • divorce and child custody laws favored men
  • women had to pay property tax without representation
  • most occupations were closed to women and if they were open, they were paid less than men
  • could not enter professions like law and medicine
  • women had no means to gain education
  • women were not allowed to participate in the affaris of the church, with few exceptions
relationship of health and democracy
  • ideals vs. inefficiency
  • order vs. disorder
  • participation vs. disaffection
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