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1. In which city is the United Nations headquarters located?
A. New York
B. London
C. Brussels
D. Stockholm
Answer: A. The U.N. headquarters was built in 1946 on 18 acres of land in New York City, donated to the organization by John D. Rockefeller. The land is considered international property.
2. What was the economic practice of many European nations in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in which they sought cheap raw materials from which to create finished products that could be exported to build the nation's wealth, justifying their colonial empires?
A. free enterprise
B. mercantilism
C. barter systems
D. socialism
Answer: B. Mercantilism led to wide-spread exploration and colonization around the world in pursuit of resources and new markets
3. Which of the following was a church practice condemned in the works of Martin Luther fueling the Protestant Reformation?
A. The selling of indulgences
B. The confiscation of property by local churches
C. The selection process for the pope
D. The corruption of kings condoned by the church
Answer: . A. Luther and others in the Reformation movement believed that sinners who paid for indulgences or church forgiveness of sin without penalty still faced eternal consequences.
4. The ancient practice known as primogeniture applied to both property and monarchial succession resulting in the:
A. possible disinheritance of all children except the eldest
B. constant division of land holdings in Europe
C. absolute disinheritance of all female children
D. uncertainty of transfer of power upon the death of a monarch
. A. Primogeniture refers to the passage of all possessions and titles to the eldest child. Numerous forms of this have been practiced around the world throughout history. In many cases the laws have favored male children, but allowed some position for females in the line. In more modern times, monarchial succession in many places has changed to a gender neutral practice of primogeniture.
Which of the following was not a goal of the Spanish colonial system in the Americas in the sixteenth through the eighteenth centuries?
A. Accumulation of wealth by conquering indigenous populations
B. Expanding the influence of the Roman Catholic Church
C. Educating native populations to govern Spanish cities in the Americas
D. Advancing Spanish interests in the global climate of competition
Answer: C. The Spanish had little interest in bettering the situation of native populations except as it applied to conversion to Catholicism and advancing Spanish interests.
During the most active years of the Atlantic slave trade, from the late fifteenth century through the middle of the nineteenth century, the region that saw the highest numbers of slaves imported was:
A. British North America
B. Spanish America
C. British Caribbean
D. Continental Europe
Answer: C. Estimates place the number of slaves imported to British holdings in the Caribbean during that period at about 2.4 million, far exceeding estimates for the British colonies in North America which are believed to be about one half million.
Enlightenment thinker John Locke is most noted for his writings concerning:
A. human rights
B. free enterprise
C. the scientific method
D. slavery
Answer: A. Locke's ideas that all men are born with certain rights that government has an obligation to protect were the inspiration for much of the American Declaration of Independence. These ideas were a break with the historical tradition of hereditary monarchy with absolute power.
. Which of the following was a country considered to be behind the “Iron Curtain” in post-WWII Europe ?
A. Belgium
B. Poland
C. Austria
D. Greece
Answer: B. The “Iron Curtain” was a reference to the political and symbolic division of Europe after WWII, separating countries under Soviet influence or control from the rest of Europe .
The catastrophic 1972 Summer Olympics in which terrorists killed eleven Israeli athletes was held in:
A. Mexico City
B. Moscow
C. Munich
D. Montreal
Answer: C. Palestinian terrorists kidnapped and killed eleven Israeli athletes and a police officer. Since this tragedy, security at these games has been of the highest level.
Which of the following nations was not once part of the British colonial empire?
A. Australia
B. India
C. Nigeria
D. Haiti
Answer: D. Although an independent nation for many years, Haiti does have a history as a colonial possession of France .
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