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Brake shoes and drums:


These brake shoes and drums have dust covers, but if I could see them, I would make sure the brake shoes have no missing rivets and no oil or grease on the shoes or drums.


I would make sure that the linings have no damage and no less than 3/4 inch thickness at the lowest point.


The brake shoes should fit in the brake drums.


The brake drum should not be bent, cracked or have any illegal welds or have any bluing that could indicate overheating 


Rims and Tires:


The lip of the rim on both sides should not be bent or cracked


The tire should set well on both sides of the rim


The side walls on both sides of the tire should have no blisters, no cuts larger than 1 inch and no material or wire showing


I would check the sidewall for manufacturer recommended inflation and make sure the tires are within that range


The rest of the tire should be wearing evenly and have no gouges, nails, material, wire or metal showing


The tread depth should be no less than 4/32nd inch deep at the lowest measured spot


The front tires need to be original tread. No recaps are allowed


The rest of the rim should not be bent, cracked or have any illegal welds. It should have no loose, missing or corroded lug nuts. No shiny spots or indication of looseness


The valve stem should have its safety nut at its base and dust covers, not be bent, cracked or leaking and not be touching any part of the rim


Outside hub cap seal


Should be securely mounted and should not be cracked or leaking oil


Some hubs have sight windows. If not, to measure the oil, I would pull the plug, measure the oil and add 90 weight gear oil if needed


Inside light housing


Securely mounted, no cracks or holes


All wires to housing should be securely mounted, no loose, broken or bare wires and the lights should work

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