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Atlantis: Where Are You?
There are many proposed locations for Atlantis, however, it is a mythical place. Atlantis isn't in any of those places. Atlantis was a literary tool to convey political, social, and economic lessons.
Atlantis: The Source of the Legend
Plato wrote about it in two dialogues: The Timaeus and the Critias Dialogue. In the dialogues, it says that there was a war between Athens and Atlantis and Athens won despite being less technologically advanced. The Atlanteans also became more human and less divine, and thus were taught a "lesson" by Zeus. However, the lesson was never revealed because Plato died shortly after writing that.

Some believe the source of the Atlantis myth is the Minoan Civilization. However, after the eruption of Thera, Minoan civilization was not completely destroyed, it rebuilt and thrived for a period after. Also, Minoan Crete never suffered military defeat by the hands of Athens.
After Plato
Many believed Atlantis to be a myth. It wasn't until the new world was discovered that Atlantis became popular.

Ignatius Donnelly was a Minnesota congressman who was obsessed with Atlantis. He wrote a book, Atlantis: The Antediluvian World, in 1882 arguing that Atlantis was the source of society using Diffusionism as evidence. However, evidence is "supposed" and he does not test is hypotheses.
Current Perspectives
First off, there was no Athenian state 11,000 years ago that could've fought Atlantis. At that time, the people of Athens were hunter gatherers. The Greek World was nothing like what Plato imagined.

Second: There are claims archeological evidence of submerged walls and roads off the coast of Bimini in the Bahamas. However, the "Bimini Wall" is most likely natural by-products of geological processes. Beach rock erodes as the result of tidal forces and breaks and joints occur at regular intervals and right angles, appearing like a man made road.
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