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9th Grade

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How to Conduct a Primary Survey of an Injured Person
-Make sure scene is safe.
-Determine if the person is breathing by performing ABC's
-If suspected spinal cord injury then do not move head or use head tilt method to do the ABC's
-Check for circulation and determine if there is a heartbeat.
How to Check Airway, Breathing and Circulation
-Head tilt
-Chin lift
-feel for carotid pulse to determine if there's circulation.
How to Assess Consciousness
-Based on scale AVPU
-A for alert= ask person questions and if respond then receives an A.
-V for verbal stimuli= by moving when you try to determine their level of conciousness give them V
-P for painful stimuli= casue pain and see if person responds to the pain if not then receive P.
-U for unconcious= if person does not respond to any type of test then classified as unconscious.
Clear an Obstructed Airway
-Pinching Nose and blowing air down mouth.
-If no air go down then reposition head and reach into mouth grabbing under the chin and grabbing the tounge and look inside for any obstruction.
-If see then use blind finger sweep throught the mouth and try to get rid of it.
-Deliver rescure breaths again.
How to Treat a Conscious Choking Adult or Child
-Heimlich Manuver.
-place hands around abdomen forming fist with one hand.
-grab fist with other hand and deliver hard sharp upward thrusts forcing air out of lungs hopefully casuing obstruction to be dislodged.
How to Clean a Wound During First Aid
-Safe Area
-If availible wear latex gloves.
-Pick dirty other things in wound with tweezers.
-If in the wound then need to be cleaned using something like soft nail brush which will be painful.
-Use water and wash the wound making it clean.
-Then bandage the wound.
How to Bandage a Wound
-Safe area
- Wear gloves.
- Clean wound with soap and water.
-Once wound clean, apply gauze bad or bandage.
-If antibacterial ointment is available then use it.
-Then use adhesive tape or athletic tape to hold gauze pad in place.
- Keep it dry and check for secondary infection by swelling or red.
How to Treat a Severe Sunburn
-Sunburn deep redening of the skin with possible blistering.
-Dont pop or break the blisters.
-Do not scratch the blisters.
-Treat area with Aloe Vera Gel or take long cool baths to release edorphins to the area to reduce pain.
-wear loose fitting clothing until skin begins to heal.
-Also can take pain relievers.
How to Treat Second & Third-Degree Burns
-2nd degree = blistering of the skin.
-3rd degree = charring or blackening of the skin.
-First is to cool the injury with material that can be soaked and placed on it.
-Apply sterile dressing if availible, if not then some clean cloth should be used on it.
-Tape dressing on and then wrapwith gauze material to keep the area clean.
How to Treat Heat Exhaustion
-In person that feels light headed or about to faint.
-move person into shade away from sunlight.
-remove clothing that could retain hea. EX: hats
-if consous then have them drink cool water or sport drink to regain electrolytes.
-cold compress can be applied to forehead.
How to Treat Frostbite
-Feel the skin
-If rigid and whitish then indicates frosbite has occured.
-Take frostbitten part and put in warm water where it will be rewarmed.
-There will be extreme pain the the area that has been rewarmed.
-Wrap area with sterile dressing.
-Be careful when handling frostbite as skin is very damaged and brittle.
How to Treat a Sprained Wrist
-Raise sprained wrist above heart to reduce blood flow.
-Use icepack on area to reduce pain and swelling.
-Place cloth between ice and skin.
-Apply ice in intervals of 10 to 15 minutes.
-Wrap wrist in some type of pressure bandage or elastic bandage and not to tight.
-Apply ice again in intrevals of 10-15 minutes.
How to Correctly Treat a Sprained Ankle
-Remove shoe and sock to evaluate injury.
-Check ankle for discoloration, deformity, and swelling. Usually swelling will happen very quickly.
-Apply ice or cold compress to area for 5-10 minutes
-Apple bandage to secure area then reapply ice.
Tonic Clonic Seizure
-Stay calm
-Make sure area is safe.
-Protect head from banging agaisnt ground.
-Make sure head is supported
-Make sure person lying on their side and head inclined. So won't choke on saliva.
- If have watch time the seizure
- make person as safe and comfortable as you can.
-Onlookers kept away.
-Do not hold person down.
- do not put anything in persons mouth.
-Don't give person anything until seizer is over and fully alert.
When to call 911 during seizure
-Call 911 if persons 1st seizure or not sure.
- seizure longer then 5 minutes.
-Injured or vomits.
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