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Final Exam-Modern Art Wk 11
Pop Art
Art History
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Robert Rauschenberg
Bed, 1955,
oil and pencil on pillow, quilt, and sheet on wood supports
“Combine” Painting

-3D objects combined
-quilt, sheets, paint
-connection with things that look at objective material world
-implied sense of stress
-very challenging work
-not supposed to be whimsical work
Johns, Flag, 1954-55, encaustic oil an collage on fabric

-recognizable subject matter
-came from dream he had
-hot wax that holds oil pigment –elevates service
-contradicts image you know of American flag
-liked depicted flag, 2D, something everyone recognized, didn’t have to come up with composition
-smudging composition
-cold war America -great patriotism
-is this irreverent to national flag?
-didn’t have Alaska and Hawaii – only 48 stars
-took 2 cans of al casting bronze –reverse of Johns
-had a very time-consuming process
Andy Warhol, 210 Coca Cola Bottles, 1962, Silkscreen on canvas

-taking something recognizable, readymade
-not all that pigment is going through
-mass production –consumerism
-capitalism big boom
-alerts us how media will try to hook us to buy something
-interesting inconsistencies
-mind-numbing repetition
-not simply just to replicate or respond to any meaning from the artist
-you’ve got the persona “the way I’m painting is because I want to be a machine”
***Roy Lichtenstein, Whaam!, 1963, oil and magna/canvas

-very large scale
-comics that delt with military, combat and heroes
-not meant to be novelty
-how can this be portrayed for a serious viewer
-in textboook
Claes Oldenburg, Floor Cake (Giant Piece of Cake), 1962, synthetic polymer paint and latex on canvas

-do we look at just what’s before our eyes? –repetition of light and dark horizontal pattern?
-society obsessed w/ manufactured food
-lighthearted in a sense, not frivolous
Wayne Thiebaud, Pie Counter, 1963, o/c

-meant to convey display cases of cakes and pies
-not trying to take commodity of manufactured product and repeat over and over
-meniscal differences among cakes – cut or size varies –color on icing or shadowing
-not being critical of consumer society
-cake usually handmade –artist using a hand to make a handmade object
-intensifies association of taste
-abstract too-very simple geometric shapes
-opposition between abstract and the ‘thingness’ he is representing
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