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Exercise Physiology
Chapter 9: Circulatory Responses to Exercise
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1. What is the whole reason why heart rate and cardiac output increases and why blood gets redistributed to working muscle?

2. What does the muscle want our of the blood?

Does the muscle (or any tissue) ever take out all the ______?

3. During exercise the "arteriovenous O2 difference" also _________?


1. So that muscle blood flow is higher

2. Never takes out all of the oxygen

3. Increases, meaning we extract more O2 from the blood as exercise increases. 


1. Oxygen use by the whole body is calculated by...

2. What is this equation?

3. What is the ratio of kcal expenditure per L O2 used?


1. The Fick equation

2. VO2= Q * a-vO2 diff

3. 5kcals per 1 L O2


1. Maximal aerobic capacity/fitness is determined by...

2. Which of these components can be altered by training?


1. HR max, SV max, and a-VO2 difference.

2. SV max and a-VO2 difference


1. How is VO2 max influenced by exercise?

2. What happens to VO2 max as we age?

3. Can you increase your VO2 max as you get older?


1. VO2 max is influenced by exercise because SV max and a-VO2 difference increases.

2. VO2 max decreases because our HR max decreases as we age

3. No, because your HR max decreases. But, if you start with a high VO2max, as you get older your VO2 max will remain higher and decrease less noticeably. 


1. Changes in CO during exercise are caused by what two variables?

2. In untrained or moderately trained individuals who are exercising at a workload beyond 40-50% of their VO2 max, which of these two components alone is responsible for a rise in CO?

3. What are some chronic changes associated with exercise training?


1. HR & SV

2. HR

3. Increased SV & a-VO2 diff capacity


1. Heart Rate increases in what pattern up until what value?

2. What percent does SV plateau at?

3. Does SV plateau in everyone?

4. What other two variables also increase during exercise?

  1. Linear, up until HRmax
  2. 40%
  3. Endurance athletes participating in incremental workrates have SVs that continue until VO2 max
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