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Description: Adenosine is a naturally occuring agent that can "Chemically cardiovert" PSVT to a normal sinus rhythm. It has a half-life of 10 seconds and does not cause hypotension

IND: Narrow, complex SVT refractory to vagal maneuvers

CONTRA: Hypersensitivity, 2nd-and-3rd-Degree heart block, sinus node disease, asthma

PRECAUTIONS: May cause transient dysrhythmias; COPD

Dosage/Route: 6mg rapidly ( over 1-3 sec) IV, then flush the line rapidly with saline. If ineffective, 12 mg in 1-2 min, may be repeated. PED: 0.1mg/kg to a maximum of 6 mg (rapidly) IV followed by rapid saline flush, then 0.2mg/kg in 1-2min to max 2nd dose of 12mg.



(Proventil, Ventolin)/ Sympathomimetic Bronchodilator


Description: Albuterol is a synthetic sympathomimetic that causes bronchodilation with less cardiac effect than epinephrine and reduces mucus secretion, pulmonary capillary leaking, and edema in lungs during allergic reaction

IND: Bronchospasm and asthma in COPD

CONTRA: Hypersensitivity to the drug

PRECAUTIONS: The patient may experience tachycardia, anxiety, nausea, cough, wheezing, and/or dizziness. Vital Signs and breath sounds must be monitored; use caution with elderly, cardiac, or hypertensive patients.

DOSAGE/ROUTE: Two inhalations (90mcg) via metered dose inhaler (2sprays) or 2.5mg in 2.5 to 3 mL NS via nebulizer, repeat as needed. The duration of effect is 3 to 6 hours. PED: 0.15mg/kg in 2.5 to 3mL NS via nebulizer, repeat as needed.



(Acetylsalicylic Acid) (Alka-Seltzer, Bayer, Empirin, St. Joseph Children's)/ Analgesic, Antipyretic, Platelet Inhibitor, Anti-inflammatory


DESCRIPTION: Aspirin inhibits agents that cause the production of inflammation, pain, and fever. It relieves mild to moderate pain by acting on the peripheral nervous system, lowers body temperature in fever, and powerfully inhibits platelet aggregation

IND: Chest pain suggestive of an MI

CONTRA: Hypersensitivity to salicylates, active ulcer disease, asthma

PRECAUTIONS: Allergies to other NSAIDS, bleeding disorders, children or teenagers with varicella or influenza-like symptoms

DOSAGE/ROUTE: 160-325mg PO(Chewable, non-enteric-coated)



(Cordarone, Pacerone)/Antidysrhythmic


DESCRIPTION: Amiodarone is an antidysrhythmic that prolongs the duration of the action potential and refractory period and relaxes smooth muslces, reducing peripheral vascular resistance and increasing coronary blood flow

IND: Life-threatening recurrent ventricular and supraventricular dysrhythmias that have not responded to other antidysrhythmic agents.

CONTRA: Hypersensitivity, cardiogenic shock, severe sinus bradycardia, advanced heart block.

PRECAUTIONS: Hepatic impairment, pregnancy, nursing mothers, children.

DOSAGE/ROUTE: V-Fib: 300mg IV push, then repeat dose of 150mg IV push if needed. PED: 5mg/kg IV/IO, then repeat up to total dose of 15mg/kg. V-Tach: 150-300mg IV over 10 min, then 1mg/min over next 6 hours. PED: 5mg/kg IV/IO over 20 to 60 min, then repeat up to total dose of 15mg/kg





DESCRIPTION: Atropine blocks the parasympathetic nervous system, specifically the vagal effects on heart rate. It does not increase contractility, but may increase myocardial oxygen demand. Decreases airway secretions.

IND: Hemodynamically significant bradycardia and organophosphate poisioning.

CONTRA: None in the emergency setting

PRECAUTIONS: AMI, glaucoma, hypothermic bradycardia

Dosage/Route: Symptomatic Bradycardia: 0.5mg IV. Repeat 3-5 min to 3 mg. PED: 0.02mg/kg IV, 0.04-0.06mg/kg ET, may repeat IV dose once up to 1mg for child or 3mg for adolescent. Organophosphate poisoning: 2-5,g IV/IM/IO 10 to 15 min. PED: 0.05mg/kg IV/IM/IO 10 to 15 min

Organophosphate Poisoning: 2-4mg IV/IO or higher may be needed. PED: <12 years- 0.02-0.05mg/kg IV/IO, may repeat every 20-30 minutes as needed. >12 years- 2mg IV/IO, may repeat 1-2mg IV/IO every 20-30 minutes as needed

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