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Driver Side Engine Compartment
Pre-Trip Inspection Truck

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Oil Fill and Dipstick


Cap should fight tightly and not leak


To check the oil, I would remove the dipstick, wipe it clean, reinsert it and remove it again to get a true reading and if needed, add oil


Air Compressor


Should be securely mounted, no loose, missing or corroded bolts


The hoses from the compressor should have their fasteners securely mounted at both ends


The hoses should not be cracked, pinched or leaking air, water or oil


The pulley to the compressor should be securely mounted with its castle nut and cotter pin


The pulley should be in line with the other pulleys


The belt to the compressor should not be dry, cracked or frayed and have no more than 3/4 inch play at the center between pulleys




Power steering reservoir


Should be securely mounted with no loose or missing nuts or bolts


The tank should not be corroded, cracked or leaking


I would use the dipstick to measure the oil level


The cap to the filler and dipstick should fit tightly and not be leaking 


This is where I would add power steering fluid, if needed


This is a gear driven power steering pump. I showed it at the beginning on the other side of the engine


All hoses coming from the reservoir to the pump and steering box should be securely mounted, with fasteners at both ends


The hoses should not be swollen, cracked or leaking


Steering gear box should be:


Securely mounted, with no loose, missing or corroded bolts


It should have no illegal welds or be cracked or leaking


Be well greased using the Zerque fitting to grease it


Steering Linkage:


Consists of the pitman arm, drag link and steering arm


They should be securely mounted, no loose or missing nuts or bolts


The arms should not be bent cracked or have any illegal welds


The arms should have its castle nuts and cotter pins securely mounted, be well greased at the pivot points and have the dust covers in place to prevent dirt from entering the pivot points


The steering column should not be cracked, bent or have any illegal welds. The u-joint should be secure with no loose or missing bolts and be well greased 


No damage or tears to the covers


And to finish the engine compartment:


I would check all hoses for leaks


All the wires for loose, broken or bare wires


Check the engine for any major leaks

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