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DOL Washington Drivers Guide
Study guide for future drivers (2011)
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You must get a Washington State driver license within ____ days of becoming a resident

Allows you to operate a motor vehicle within Washington State while you are being supervised by a licensed driver with at least five years of licensed driving experience. The licensed driver must sit in the right-front passenger seat.
Instruction Permit

If you are 16 or 17 and meet 

the requirements, we will issue you a/an ________ with restrictions meant to ease you into your responsibilities as a driver.

Intermediate License
To get your Instruction Permit, you must....

• Be at least 15-1/2 years old.

• Pass the knowledge test and the vision and medical screenings.

• Pay a $20 permit fee.


To get your Intermediate Driver License,

you must...


•Be at least 16 years old.

• Show us proof that you have passed an approved driver training course with at least 30 hours of classroom and six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.

• Get the consent of a parent or guardian.

• Pass the medical and vision screenings, the knowledge test, and the driving test.

• Have had an instruction permit for

at least six months.

• Show us that a parent or guardian certifies you have had at least 50 hours of driving experience, including 10 hours at night, which you gained while a licensed driver with at least five years of licensed driving experience 

supervised you.

•  Not have been issued a traffic ticket and must not have any traffic tickets pending when you apply for your license.

• Not have been convicted of and must not have been found to have committed a traffic violation within the last six months before the day you apply for your license.

• Not have been convicted of and must not have been found to have committed an offense involving the use of alcohol or drugs while you had an instruction permit.

• Provide your Social Security number, which we will verify when you apply for a driver license (42 USC 405 and 666(a)(13), RCW 26.23.150). If you have not been issued a number, you can sign a Social Security Number Declaration.

Your license is valid for ____ years and expires on ______
5 years and expires on your birthday
Notify the DOL within ____ days of changing your address/name
You can lose your license for...

•Driving or being in physical control of a vehicle while you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

• Refusing to allow a police officer to test you for alcohol or drugs.

• Leaving the scene of a collision in which you were involved, without first identifying yourself.

• Giving false information when you apply for a license.

• Being involved in a collision when you are uninsured. 

 • Failing to appear for a reexamination that we have requested.

• Using a motor vehicle to commit a felony or for causing the death of someone in a motor vehicle collision.

• Having too many moving traffic violations on your driving record (Habitual Traffic Offender).

• Reckless driving or reckless endangerment of a roadway worker.

• Racing, vehicular assault, or vehicular homicide.

• Trying to elude a police vehicle.

• Leaving a gas station without paying for fuel you have pumped.

• Failing to appear or failing to respond to a traffic citation or Notice of Infraction.

• Driving while your license is suspended, revoked, cancelled, or denied.

• Carrying a license that shows a false name, incorrect information, or fraudulent alterations.

• Lending a license to another person or for using another person’s license.

• Using a driver license issued by another state while your driving privilege in Washington is suspended.

• Receiving two or more traffic offenses while driving under the permission of an intermediate license.

• Making, selling, or delivering a forged, false, counterfeit, altered, blank, or unlawfully issued driver license or identification card.

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