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Delta Sigma Pi Pledge Quiz Questions
Delta Sigma Pi Pledge Quiz Questions

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6. What is Delta Sigma Pi’s “Central Office” and how is the Central Office staff different from the national Board of Directors?

The Central Office is the national administrative headquarters of Delta Sigma Pi for both the Fraternity and Leadership Foundation. The Executive Director is in charge of the Central Office and has a paid full time staff of directors and administrative personnel. The Board of Directors is a group of elected, unpaid volunteers who serve as the executive, legislative and judicial body of the Fraternity during the interim sessions between Grand Chapter Congresses. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors. 



7. Who established the Central Office and served as its director for 31 years? 

H.G. "Gig" Wright
8. In what city was the Central Office established? Where is it located today?

Chicago; 330 South Campus Avenue, Oxford, Ohio 45056. 

15. Name at least six services provided, and/or publications produced, by the Fraternity’s Central Office staff

---MAINTAINS membership records, mailing lists, the website; ritualistic regalia, funds and archives; 

---DISTRIBUTES certificates and cards of membership, supplies, jewelry and scholarship keys;

---CONDUCTS the Grand Chapter Congress, Chapter Management Program, visitation, public relations and expansion;

---PUBLISHES manuals, forms, The DELTASIG, official bulletins, national reports;

---REPRESENTS the Fraternity nationally.

---PRODUCES PUBLICATIONS: ie the Manual for Pledge Education, AND The Guide To Academic Excellence, National Bylaws, Recruiting Guide, Fundraising Guide, Chapter Officer Packets, etc. (see page 43 of Pledge Manual)


32. What are the five categories of the General Risk Management Policy?


Alcohol and Drugs;

Statement on Hazing;

Discrimination and Harassment;

Chapter Houses and Meeting Facilities;

and Fraternity Events. 


33. Name six provisions, from any of the categories, of the Risk Management, Insurance and Conduct Policy. Answers should come from any of the provisions listed on pages 6-13 of the pledge manual. 


***e-mailed Jonathan for clarification on this. Will update if necessary.


Policy 2. Insurance - A. Additional Named Insureds Policy - The Fraternity will not add additional named insureds to its insurance coverage unless the request is 1. From staff for Grand Chapter Congress or LEAD event purposes; 2. From school administration for chapter recognition or campus facility use; or 3. In conjunction with a philanthropic activity, at which alcohol is not involved in any way. 

B. Insurance for Fundraising Projects involving the sale, service or distribution of alcohol - See National Policy A.3.A.5 (page 8) for restrictions and insurance requirements. 

C. Insurance for Chapter Developed or Sponsored Large Events - see National Policy A.3.E.1. (page 13) for requirements. 

D. Payment of Deductibles - For most insurance claims involving volunteers, the Fraternity will pay deductibles in full after all secondary insurance coverage is exhausted. In those cases where significant fault by the volunteer in question has been determined (by the Board of Directors), the Board will determine whether any or all of the deductible will be paid by the Fraternity. 

Policy 3. General Risk Management Policy - The following risk management policy is intended to assist Delta Sigma Pi in reducing the risk exposure of the Fraternity by taking actions designed to reduce the risk of acting in a negligent manner. 

This policy is not a substitute for individual responsibility by all organizational members of Delta Sigma Pi. 


34. To whom does the Individual Code of Conduct and General Risk Management Policy apply? 



To organizational members defined as collegiate, alumni and faculty members; pledges; colony members; and employees. 

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