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Current World Events Week 8
Current World Events Class Watertown Highschool 4th Quarter 4th Block Week 8
Social Studies
9th Grade

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A _______ cargo space chip called the ‘Progress 59’ was sent out on April 28th to deliver supplies to the international space station, but the flight controllers lost control after launching it. ____ says there was _ (number) tons being transported to the international space station. The cause of the failed mission is still being investigated.
Russian, NASA, 3
In _______ SD, a tornado hit on Sunday before 11 A.M. The 100 year old ____ ________ Church took a lot of damage from the storm. The town was evacuated at 2:30 P.M. because there is no electricity, water, or phone service. There were _ (number) people were hurt in the storm, and here are volunteers, along with highway patrol troopers on the scene. There are also some livestock that have died in the storm. The tornado traveled about 17 miles and was about 400 yards wide.
Delmont, Zion Lutheran, 9
In ___________, ___________, police officers Benjamin Deen (34) and Liquori Tate (24), were shot and killed during a traffic stop. Marvin Banks (29) faces two counts of capital murder, counts of grand theft auto, and felon in possession of a firearm. They charged Curtis Banks with two counts of accessory after the fact of capital murder. While deputies were escorting him to a police station, Curtis Banks yelled repeatedly “I didn’t do it.” Joanie Calloway (22) was charged with two accounts of capital murder, and _________ _____ was charged with obstruction of justice.
Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Cornelius Clark
A _______ company called Tiens Group, a mix of companies brought together, sent 6,400 of their employees to France for a paid vacation to acknowledge the companies 20th birthday. The group got 4,760 hotel rooms between 79 hotels. It’s said that the group spent $15 million dollars on their French expedition.
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