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Criminal Justice
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With regards to the presentation of issues on capital punishment (death penalty), there are
three “utilitarian” arguments used to support the use of capital punishment. Explain what
2 of these arguments are and, as mentioned in class, what have research results revealed
about the truth or accuracy of these two arguments.
1. Incapacitation: the fact that we have homicide means it doesnt work. miurder rate sould be lower in texas than in michigan, because michigan doesnt have death penalty.

less expensive: court fees are pricey, amount of work in trials. bifurcated trial process. housing costs (single cells, etc). Three times the ocst of imprionsing somebody in supermax for 44 years
Explain the unique challenges seriously mentally ill inmates encounter when incarcerated in prison.
20% of inmates have mental illness

Proportionately more females use mental jealth services than men
Define “not guilty by reason of insanity” and “incompetent to stand trial”. Explain the
important legal differences between the two.
not guilty by reason of insanity = defemse to criminal responsibility

need to have mens rea (intent) and acrus rea (guilty action). cannot form intent because of disease

Incompetent to stand trial = not suitable to proceed in due process. defendant is unable to understand proceedings at that time and participate in their own defense
How do female prison inmates differ from male in male inmate with respect to the crimes
they committed? What kind of problems are most evident when female inmates are
classified and subsequently assigned to a prison housing unit
Female offenders are less violent

shorter sentences and time

harsher punishments for lesser offenses

fraud, theftr, drugs, prostitution

overclassification in prisons,
. What are the unique challenges that women released from prison experience that most
males that are released do not experience.
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