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Compentency 5
create an organized & productive Learning Environment
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Instruction momentum: requires organized  system for materials placement & distribution


- Classroom procedures: deal w/ effectively so students will spend most time  engaged in acedemic tasks which result in hicher acheivement


-Establish straties( class helper), class routine, schedules




Effective Classroom Time


-Management Transition:  shifting from on e activity to another academic way- explain what will be happening after an activity, & what u will be doing


Group fragmentation:  ensuring smooth trantions, teacher moves students in groups, rather then one by one( red group, blue group, etc.)


Transition signals: teacher utterence or gesture that indicate moving on


Trantions: changes that include movement






Physical attributes of classroom are IMPORTANT


-physical space

- lighting


- adequete entry & exit

- Repair needs

- furniture


Emergency Response: Tornado & building response


Teaching Social Skills w/ emotional issues


-Direct Observation- in various settings w/ checklist


-Role Play: w/ structured scenarios


Teacher ratings: rate w/ checklist or formal assessment instrument


Sociometric Measures:

peer nomination ; how many times picked(playmate, friend)

Peer Rating-rank classmates


Peer comparisions: most liked,least


Context Observation: skill set is in one subject & not in others


Comparision w/ other student: compared w/ 2 students


1st- be a role model

2-Teachers need to set firm expectations




Behavioral Management Plan:


1. Prompt: verbal or visual cue that assisst through bevorial shaping


2. Modeling: be at cognitive & developmental level to imitate


3. Contingency contracting:

-"Grandma'S Law"/ Premack principle


preformance of X gets you Z,  85% on assignment gets u 10min. extra free time


written contract- longer time period, payoffs right away after accomplished


4. Token  Economy: use stamps, stickers to recieve item


Group- Oriented:

 receive 80% or higher & everyone gets free time


Verbal & Body Language;clear, concise directions, smile , nod, shakiking head, eye contact

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