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Cognac and Armagnac
These flashcards cover various kinds of cognacs and armagnacs and how they're typically labeled and served.
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What is the legal barrier in regards to cognac?

Cognac can only be legally produced in the surrounding area of Cognac, France which is where various climates collide with each other and form various conditions ideal for cognac production.

What are the steps in the distillation of cognac?

1. A first distillate, known as "brouillis", is obtained with an alcoholic strength of 28 to 32 percent. 2. The brouillis is returned to the boiler for a second heating which produces a liquid known as "la bonne chauffe". In this second distillation the beginning and end of distillation are discarded (the head and tail) leaving only the heart of the spirit which becomes cognac.

Describe the aging process of cognac and how that affects its overall quality

After distillation the cognac is sent to rest in oak casks. Maturing slowly over long years in cellars the cognac acquires a smoothness and flavor beyond compare. The wood and the dark, saturated atmosphere of the cellars work together to develop the aroma of the cognac to it full potential. All cognac is aged a minimum of 30 months.

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