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7th Grade

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Standard Precautions /PPE


1. You need to wear gloves, ________, and a mask


Activity: Grab the missing item and recite in sequential order how to put on your PPE gear.



1. Answer: gown


Activity Answer: order: Gown,Mask Goggles, gloves


Bonus: Gloves, goggles, gowns, mask


Removing Gloves


1. When removing gloves you want to make sure __




Activity: sequence for removing gloves


1. Answer : glove touches only glove


Why: outside glove is contaminated


Activity Answer: grasp glove below cuff,pull glove down over your hand so its inside out, hold removed glove with other gloved hand, reach inside the other glove use 2 fingers of ungloved hand, pull down over hand-glove is inside out


Having concern for a person is


Activity: Demonstrate giving concern for a patient who has recently moved to the facility and is showing signs of being withdrawn


Answer : Caring (pg 37) Box 3-2


Activity Answer: show traits of being a good listener, give eye contact, considerate of feelings, and respectful


Bonus: find activities patient would be interested in to assist with coping with new environment



1. You are deglated task that that involved TBP The nurse needs to tell you


Activity: Grab the equipment needed for Tranission Based Precautions


1. Answer: What personal protective equipment to use


Activity: Gown,gloves, makes, face shield


Residents Rights

to call the resident by their residents rights is excerising which resident right?


Activity: Give a the inappropriate way to address a resident, then give the appropriate way to address a resident


Answer: Right to be treated with dignity and respect and to recieve quality care


Activity: Using words of endearment like sweetie, honey. baby are inappropriate

Appropriate: Hello Mr.____ may I help you?


Hand Hygiene

your hands are soiled with blood. what should you do?


Activity: Demonstrate or Provide the class with the steps you should take and who would you report to when coming into direct contact of blood.


Answer: wash your hands with soap and water


Activity: soap and water with reach, hands lower than elbows, palms rubbed together to work up lather, fingertips are rubbed against the palms to clean under fingersnails, nail file is under the fingernails, dry papertowel to turn off faucet (p 180) fig: 13-3 thru 13-7


Bonus: if hands are not soiled alcohol based hand rub can be used


Which systolic pressure should you report at once?


Activity: Demonstrate (and record) appropriate placement of stethoscope and cuff


Answer: 80


Activity the arrow is used for correct cuff alignment, the cuff is placed so the the arrow is aligned with the brachial artery the diaphargm of the stethoscope is over the brachial artery 


Before turning a person onto his or her side, you?




Activity:Demonstrate Turning and repositioning the person (from you)



Move the person to the side of the bed where his her back will be


Activity: Turning the person, turn the person away from you: Stand wide based flex knees place once hand on the persons shoulder place the other on the hip near you, roll res gently away from you toward raised bedrail


Logrolling procedure is used for


Activity: Turning the person toward you


Answer:spinal cord injuries or surgeries


Activity: wide support flex your knees,place one hand on the person far shoulder place other on the far hip roll person toward you gently


Perineal care helps prevent infection (True or False)




Activity: Female Perineal Care


Answer: True


Activity: take safety precautions, Washcloth using mitted cloth technique, seperate labia, clean use one downward stroke per labia,using a different part of the wash cloth each stroke, use more than one washcloth if needed repeat until clean, rinse with clean washcloth downward strokes. pat dry
(rectal area cleaned by wiping from vagina to anus, side lying for throughly cleansing)


Dressing the person with a weak/ affected side the garment is removed from what side first?


Activity: Demonstrate removing garment from weak affected side 


Answer:strong side first


Activity: The sides of the grament are brought from the back to the sides of the person, from the person in side-lying position,far side tucked under the person. near side is folded onto the person's chest ,remove from strong side first.


Measuring Input or Output you want to pour liquid into the container and measure the amount at _____?



Activity: Use a graduate, measure the fluid ( fluid amount supplied by instructor), record the amount and report to "charge nurse"


Answer: eye level


Activity: CNA should demonstrate correct measurement, description and appearance of fluid, proper disposal, display proper hand hygiene


Denture Care: You need to check the resident's dentures for?


Activity:Demonstrate correct procedure of cleaning dentures


Answer: rough,sharp, chipped areas


Activity: cleaning dentures, brush the outer surfaces of the denture with back and forth motions. CNA should explain: dentures are held over the sing filled with water half-way. lined with a towel


Complete Bed Bath you will fill the wash basin 2/3 full with water temperature range ?


Activity: Choose a body part and demonstrate the correct procedure to perform complete body bady

1. Head (eye)

2. Arm, upper body

3 trunk (abdomen-peri)

4.Leg, lower body

5. Back


Answer: temp 110-F-115-F


Activity: CNA will demonstrate Mitted washcloth technique

Head (eye): wipe eye from the inner to the outer aspect

Arm upper:wash with firm, long strokes

Trunk:use towel decrease exposure wash breast,chest peri

back : firm, long, continous strokes- side lying


Bathing: When adjusting the temperature the water is directed ____?


Activity: Demonstrate Perineal Care (female)



Answer: away from the resident


Activity: Draping for perineal care, position bath blanket like a diamond, seperate the labia with one hand, use mitted washcloth to cleanse between the labia with one downward stroke each labia, rectal is wiping from vagina to anus, side lying allows anal area to be throughly cleaned


Perineal Care: When giving perineal care _?


Activity:Perineal Care (Male)


Answer: the clean of the washcloth is used for each stroke



Activity: CNA will demonstrate the foreskin of the uncircumcised male is pulled back for perineal care -return after cleaning and rinsing. The penis is cleaned with circular motions starting at the meatus


A person is a diabetic, whom doesnt consume all of their food, what should you do?


Activity: Feeding the resident


Answer: tell the charge nurse


Activity: Drape clothing protector,tell resident what food is on the tray, prepare food for eating bite size or 1/3 spoonfuls., serve food in the order the person per preference of resident, alternate food and drink (if per preference) offer chewing and swallowing time. Mouth should be empty before next helping is offered.


Catheter Care: Dysuria means?


Activity: Catheter Care


Answer: Painful or difficult urination


Activity: NA will stabilize the catheter near the meatus clean the catheter from the meatus down the catheter about 4 inches. Clean downward, away from the meatus with 1 stroke . do not pull or tug catheter. Rinse with washcloth Rinse away from meatus down the catheter about 4 inches. Dry cath with towel dry from meatus down catheter 4 inches down. (Review pg 239 workbook)


Performing ROM excercise: Atrophy is..?


Activity: (Head region) Demonstrate Flexion, Hyperextension, Rotation, Lateral flexion,


Answer: Decrease in size or wasting away of tissue


Flexion: head forward,the chin touched the chest

Hyperextension: head backward until chin pointed up

Rotation: turned the head from side to side

Lateral flexion. move head from right to left


Performing ROM excercise: what is ambulation?


Activity: Shoulder ROM Flexion, Extension, Hyperextension, Abduction, adduction


Answer: the act of walking


Activity: Flexion:raised the arm straight in front and over the head

Extension: brought the arm down to the side

Hyperextension: moved the arm behind the body

abduction:moved the straight arem away from the body

Adduction moved the straight arm to the body's side


Perform ROM excerise: What is contrature


Activity: wrist Flexion, extension, hyperextension,radial flexion, ulnar flexion


Answer: the lace of joint mobility cause by abnormal shortening of a muscle



Flexion: bent the hand down

extension straighten the hand

hyperextension: bent the hand back

Radial flexion: turned the hand toward the thumb

Ulnar flexion: turned the hand toward the little finger



Perform ROM excercise: deconditioning


Activity Hip: Flexion, extension, abduction, adduction internal rotation external rotation


Answer : The loss of muscle strength from inactivity


Activity:Flexion raise the leg

 extension: straighten the leg

abduction: moved the leg away from the body

adduction moved the leg toward the other leg

Internal rotation: turned the leg inward

external rotation: turned the leg outward



Perform ROM excercise: Explain Footdrop


Actvity:ankle Dorsiflexion,plantar flexion and Foot pronation, supination


Answer: the foot falls down at the ankle ; permanent plantar flexion

Activity: Dorsiflexion pulled the foot forward pushed down on the heel at the same time

Plantar: turned the foot down or point toes


Pronation: turned the outside of the foot up and outside down

Supination: turned the inside of the foot up and the outside down

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