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Christian Marriage
Religious Studies
12th Grade

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broaden the narrow notion of ministry
1) proclaiming the reign of God was the central focus of jesus' teaching and healing ministry.
2) All baptized share in the ministry of JC
3) Married people share in the ministry of JC in there own way. Spouses grow in there own way.

Chapter 5 and 8 of Robin Smith


Chapter 5 - Resiliency is key.  Learn from past mistakes.  Overcome obstacles with your partner from past experiences.


Chapter 8 - every nine seconds a women is beaten in the united states. Marital vow should be a promise to yourself.  Catholics allow gambling, drinking, smoking, etc. but divorce is a big no no.

Parrallels between Jesus giving himself to us in the eucharist and the same as giving to your spouse.

Involve giving of the body in a life-giving way.

"Now" and "not yet"

Draws us closer to God.

6 Practical Implications that flow from the three parallels.

1) Marital intercourse is a gift not a duty.

2) Marital Intercourse is not a solution to marital problems, marital intercourse presupposes a a long term satisfying sound relationship.

3) Life Giving for the couple and only subsequently for the children.

4) Marital Chastity involves manifesting in sexual expression those personal qualities that sacramentalize Christ's love.

5) Marital intercourse is a means, not an obstacle, to growth in our union with Christ.

6) Sex in marriage plays an important insight into the God whose love for humans is described in wife-husband imagery.

8 dyings and risings

1)  Dying to a self-protective, rising marital communion.

2)  Dying to other possible sexual unions, rising to exclusive permanent relationship.

3)  Dying to illusions, rising to realistic possibilities.

4)  Dying to alienation and enstrangement, rising to reconsiliation and deepened bonds.

5)  Dying to other priorities, rising to the foremost priority.

6)  Dying to independence, rising to cooperation

7)  DYing to certain stages in a marriage, rising to new horizons.

8)  DYing to mortal life, rising to eternal life.

What does it mean to be open to the kingdom of God in our lives?
To be open to the kingdom is to allow God's: truth, love, justice, and peacemaking, grace, holiness, and life-giving, compassion and forgiveness, to influence the way we act and speak towards our wife, family, friends, or neighbor.
Family Meals
Sharing a family meal together on a regular basis is a foremost priority.
Some kind of psychological preparation in necessary.
All family members are responsible for shared meals.
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