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Chapter 9-2 - Nomenclature of Alkynes
Organic Chemistry 307: Chapter 9 - Alkynes; Section 2 - Nomenclature of Alkynes
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*IUPAC Names*
The IUPAC nomenclature of alkynes is similar to that for alkenes:
1. Find the longest continuous chain of carbon atoms that includes the __________ __________ and change the -ane ending of the parent alkane to __________.
2. The chain is numbered from the end closest to the __________ __________, and the position of the triple bond is designated by its __________ numbered carbon atom.
3. When additional functional groups are present, the suffixes are combined to produce the compound names of the __________ (a double bond and a triple bond), __________ (a triple bond and an alcohol), and so on.
4. The IUPAC rules give __________ higher priority than alkenes or alkynes, so the numbering begins at the end closer to an __________.
5. If the double bond and triple bond are equidistant from the ends of the chain, number the chain so that the double bond receives a (lower/higher) number than the triple bond.
1A) Triple bond
1B) -yne
2A) Triple bond
2B) Lowest
3A) Alkenynes
3B) Alkynols
4A) Alcohols
4B) Alcohol
5) Lower
*Common Names*
The common names of alkynes describe them as derivatives of __________.
Most alkynes can be named as a molecule of acetylene with __________ or __________ alkyl substitutents.
This nomenclature is like the common nomenclature for __________, where we name the two alkyl groups bonded to oxygen.
1) Acetylene
2) One
3) Two
4) Ethers
A __________ __________ or a __________ __________ features an acetylenic hydrogen (H-C=C) where the triple bond comes at the end of a carbon chain.
1) Terminal alkyne
2) Terminal acetylene
If the triple bond of an alkyne is located somewhere other than the end of the carbon chain, the alkyne is called an __________ __________ or an __________ __________.
1) Internal alkyne
2) Internal acetylene
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