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In Marcia's stages of identity formation, which one means that a young person is actively exploring career possibilities, but has not yet made a decision.
A) Diffusion
B) Foreclosure
C) Moratorium
D) Acheivement
Here are some ideas that teenagers might hold, whether consciously or not. Check all that especially typify what the book calls "adolescent ego-centrism." Don't check the ones that do not fall under this category -- even tho a teenager might think them, they are not examples of adolescent ego-centrism. (Hint: Check 4 out of the 7).
A) "The Vietnam war happened about a million years ago, so why do I need to learn about it?"
B) "I won't get AIDS from unprotected sex." (I'm just not that kind of person.)
C) "There's a spot on my shirt, and everybody's looking."
D) "I have no clue what career I want to follow. Maybe I don't need to decide yet."
E) "My little sister better keep her fingers off my I-Pod."
F) "No one has ever been in love the way I am in love with Jimmy. So when my parents tell me to be careful, they just don't understand. They never felt love like this."
G) "Global warming -- the world is getting really messed up. I wish there was something I could do, but it seems kind of overwhelming, so I think I'll just watch more TV."
A, B, C, F
Teens with which type of parents are likely to have the highest self-esteem, other things being equal?
A) Authoritarian
B) Authoritative
C) Permissive
D) Uninvolved
What percentage of American teens (boys and girls) have had sexual intercourse by the end of high school? And what percentage of sexually active teen women get pregnant? Pick the one that has both numbers right.
A) 80% sexually active.... 33% (one in three) of sexually active girls get pregnant
B) 50% sexually active.... 33% - (one in three) of sexually active girls get pregnant
C) 65% sexually active..... 15% (one in six) of the sexually active girls get pregnant.)
D) 30% sexually active.... 20% (1 on 5) of the sexually active girls get pregnant.
Choose all that statements that are true about gay people, especially gay teens.
A) Most gay kids realize that they are gay by the time they reach early or middle adolescence.
B) Children raised by gay parents are more likely to be gay than children raised by straight parents.
C) Boys raised by dominating mothers are most likely to become gay.
D) It is possible for a gay or lesbian to permanently change his or her orientation through counseling, prayer, etc.
E) Gay teens are more likely to suffer from depression than straight teens, mainly because they suffer from social stigma among peers and/or feel unaccepted at home.
F) Being sexually abused in childhood is an important factor in an adolescent becoming gay.
G) The current issue of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual classes being gay as a psychological disorder.
H) Gays and lesbians who go into long term committed relationships are pretty much like any other couple.
I) Permissive parenting is a factor that, statistically, correlates to the likelihood of gay children.
J) Being seduced by a pedophile is positively correlated with becoming gay - especially among boys seduced by older men.
A, E, H
What percentage of "college age women" in the US have experienced either rape or attempted rape, according to estimates? (This includes "date rape.")
A) 5%
B) 10%
C) 25%
D) 40%
According to the discussion in your book, choose all the statements that are true about part-time jobs for adolescents.
A) Work teaches kids to manage and save money.
B) Work causes school performance to decline.
C) Part time jobs are good because they keep the kids too busy to get into trouble. In other words, having a job is a deterrent to alcohol and drug abuse.
D) Working helps teens cope with stressful jobs later in life.
E) Jobs of more than 20 hours a week during the school year create the most problems.
B, D, E
According to studies, when do most people start smoking?
A) Before the sixth grade
B) Pre-teen / junior high (grades 6-9)
C) High school
D) Young adult -- 18-25
Choose all the statements that are true about criminal behavior, according to the book.
A) Shoplifting is considered a "status offense."
B) Adolescents account for about 30% of arrests for violent crime in the US.
C) The idea that there are "born criminals" is false.
D) Some adolescents are especially poor at controlling impulses or delaying gratification. This tends to get them involved in criminal behavior.
E) A household with a lot of parental conflict increases the likelihood that a teen will get involved in criminal behavior.
F) Aggressive and anti-social behavior are positively correlated with poverty.
G) Playing violent video games more than 5 hours per week is positively correlated with criminal behavior.
C, D, E, F
Which one is most likely to successfully commit suicide?
A) A girl, aged 16, who suffers from eating disorders.
B) A Native American 18 year old male.
C) An African American 18 year old male
D) An adolescent girl with an unwanted pregnancy and poor social support.
E) A 12 year old boy who is emotionally abused by his parents.
Check all that are signs that a teenager is depressed.
A) Sadness, irritability, low self-esteem.
B) General sense of powerlessness and hopelessness.
C) Discipline problem, argues with parents a lot, resists all authority.
D) Tendency to blame themselves for failures.
E) Doesn't ever seem to have much fun, or enjoy anything fully.
A, B, D, E
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