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California Geology
Regions, minerals, important facts.
12th Grade

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List the 12 geomorphic provinces of California:

Cascade Range, Modoc Plateau, Klamath Mountains, Coastal Ranges, Basin & Range, Sierra Nevada, Great Valley, Transverse Ranges, Mojave Desert, Peninsular Ranges, Colorado Desert.



List the three (3) hazardous materials found in California


their origins:


1. Radon

- naturally occurring radioactive gas that is invisible and odorless, it forms from the radioactive decay of small amounts of uranium and thorium naturally present in rocks, mainly black shales and certain igneous rocks.


2. Mercury

-A neurotoxin (to humans), mainly entering the body through certain species of fish (biomagnification) as  methyl mercury.

-Natural sources of mercury: volcanoes, hot springs, and natural mercury deposits.

-Sources related to human activities: include coal combustion, waste incineration, certain industrial activities and some mining activities.

-Cinnabar (mercury sulfide, HgS) can be found in New Almaden district, Santa Clara County, California.


3. Asbestos

Chrysotile and amphibole asbestos (such as tremolite) occur naturally in certain geologic settings in California, most commonly in association with ultramafic rocks and along associated faults.



List the three isotopes of radon and their half-lives:



-Radon-219: half-life = 4 seconds


-Radon 220: half-life = 55.3 seconds


-Radon-222: half-life = 3.8 days (most hazardous to humans because it can travel through soils farther)


In 2008, clay production in CA was valued at 51 million dollars.


List the 5 types of clays produced in that year.


1. bentonite


4. kaolin

5.fuller's earth


List the 20 mountain ranges of Los Angeles County:


(as listed on Wikipedia)


1. Baldwin Hills

2. Chalk Hills

3. Chino Hills

4. Dominguez Hills

5. Long Buttes

6. Palos Verdes Hills

7. Puente Hills

8. Rosecrans Hills

9. San Emigdio Mountains

10. San Gabriel Mountains

11. San Jose Hills

12. San Rafael Hills

13. Santa Monica Mountains

14. Santa Susana Mountains

15. Sierra Pelona Mountains

16. Simi Hills

17. South Hills

18. Tehachapi Mountains

19. Three Sisters

20. Verdugo Mountains

How many lung cancer deaths are attributable to radon in the United States each year? (range)
-U.S. EPA and the National Cancer Institute estimate the annual number of lung cancer deaths in the United States attributable to radon is between 7,000 and 30,000.
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