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Chapter 16: Intelectual Property
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Confidential information

Information that is of monetary value to a business, but which cannot be protected as some form of intellectual property.  It includes a wide variety of things ranging from production processes, formulas and recipes, lists of customers and suppliers, etc.


The ingredients and their amounts in the Explode Your Mouth sauce was _____ _____, which the defendant improperly divulged to his new employer.


A kind of intellectual property in which the creator of some original piece of work (literary, dramatic, artistic, etc.) enjoys the exclusive right and monopoly to copy or reproduce that work.  It is governed by the federal _____ Act.


When the plaintiff composed his symphony, _____ came into existence immediately which prevented the defendant from using those musical notes in any way without the plaintiff’s permission.

Intellectual property

A specific kind of personal property (personalty) that is a sub-category of choses in action.  Presently the law recognizes it as taking any one of five specific forms: copyright, trademark, patent, industrial design, and integrated circuit topography.


Unlike ordinary property, _____ _____ can be subject to theft while the owner still retains possession of it: the author of the book had copyright, but the defendants were still making a profit by publishing pirated versions of it in another country.


A kind of intellectual property in which a right of monopoly is created which allows one to sell or profit from a specific new invention or improvement of the same.  It is governed by the federal _____ Act.


The manufacturers of the new cellphone device obtained a _____ that prohibits any other party producing and selling any device similar to it without their permission.

Piller Order

An interlocutory court order that allows a party to obtain quickly and without notice to the other side the right to seize property alleged to be improperly in the possession of that other party.  It is a common before-trial remedy resorted to by plaintiffs in intellectual property disputes.


When the plaintiff discovered that the defendant was storing the stolen designs in a garage, it obtained a _____ _____, which authorized the bailiff to seize the designs on location before the defendant had the opportunity to sell them to third parties.


A kind of intellectual property consisting of any distinctive mark, symbol, logo, design, words or combination thereof that serve to distinguish a specific product or service or business from others.


The jingle, “Let Hertz put you in the driver’s seat,” is protected by _____; no other business can use that combination of words or the tune that accompanies it without Hertz Rent a Car’s permission.

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