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What was the source upon which Lehi drew for all that he spoke unto his household prior to his death?

**what specific sins does Nephi diclose as problematic for him?


feelings of his heart spirit of the Lord

**anger because of his enemies & Slacken strength because of afflections


*Not many days after Lehi died Laman and Lemuel and the sons of Ishmael were angry with Nephi. With what did the brothers feel Nephi had afflicted them with?

**What characterized those who followed Nephi when he fled from his brethren into the W


*admonitions of the Lord, he ruled over them not be afflicted more because of Nephi's words

**Believed in God and hearkened unto Nephi's words

What old world artifacts did Nephi's party take with them into the wilderness? ***"and it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness." Based on the experience of these early Nephites, what appears to be a recipe for prosperity and

*Records engraven upon the plates of brass & sword of Laban

***keep the commandments, agriculture, scriptures, preserved sacred things, made weapons,skills and crafts,built temple, hard work industrious, did not have a king


what motivated Jacob to speak unto the people of Nephi?

**With his motivation/purpose in mind what did Jacob turn to as his text? what does that tell us?


the welfare of the souls of the people of Nephi

***Isaiah *yea, a commandment i give unto you, that ye ought to search these things diligently; for great are the words of Isaiah, Isaiahs, writings are good for the welfare of our souls.


Why was it expedient that Christ should come among the Jews?

*What is the status of Jews in the Eyes of the world 2007


no other poeple would criucify him, only the jews.

*it politically incorrect to slander, they have a lot of influence, 13 million jews, 13 million mormons.


*what gives Jesus his strength/effectiveness when he pleads his people's cause?

***to whom is mercy extended when Jesus pleads his people's cause before the Father?


*i know that thou art redeemed because of the righteousness of the redeemer

*by virtue of the blood i have spilt, have i pleased before the Father for them (D & C 38:4) *(moroni 7:27) to claim of the Father his rights of mercy which he hath upon the children of men... for he hath answered the end of the law

***to Jesus

who are the three witnesses noted in 2 Nephi 11 who saw their redeemer? **What are at least two other example of three witnesses in the scriptures? 2 Ne 27:12, 3 Ne 16;6

Isaiah, Nephi, Jacob

**Father, son & holy ghost, 3 witnesses of BOM


what is meant by "replenished from the east" 2NE12:6 how does it differ from "walking in the light of the Lord" 2Ne12:5

**who will want to enter into the clefts of the rocks? (2 Nephi 12:10-11)


Babylon is east fashion central like NYC LA Dallas, ect. people went there to get their stuff.

**Wicked, we need to have the spirit. close blinds because you don't want anyone to see... God sees


what overall behavior of women does the Lord condemn through Isaiah in 2Ne 13: 16-14:1

**how can we liken this unto us & to all women?

*how can the calling of Isaiah to be a prophet (2 NE 16) be liken unto us in our circumstances?


wanting things, look at people to see if they want them

**don't be wanton, don't do pornography

*we always need to be prepared

***Israel was held captive & taken to babylon, repented & disappeared in middle of the night to Armenia-700 B.C. Judah was taken captive by Assyrians, 10 tribes lost-600 B.C.


Who was Maher-shalal-hash-baz( 2 NE 18: 1-3) in what way was he a sign?

*what were the waters of Shiloh that flow softly? 2 Ne 18: 6

*who were Rezin and Remaliah's son? 2 ne 18:6


son of Isaiah;before he could speak Israel would be destroyed, tribes would be gone

*represents the words of the Lord

**wicked leaders of Israel and assyria


What are two meanings of " the waters of the river strong and many?" 2 ne 18: 7

*What was meant by "reach even to the neck?"2 ne 18:8

**what is stubble

***what is chaff? (2 Nephi 26:18)

tigers and Euprandites, armies of assyria would come take over Israel *Judah was the only one saved **

**what is easily burned, what's left after harvest

***the covering of the grain


how did Ahaz avoid destruction of the head(judah)? 2 ne 18:8, 9

**why would Jacob include this chapter for the people of Nephi? 18

plundered Solomon's temple and took gold to get them to go away **isaiah's prophecies were fulfilled and will be fulfilled
in addition to what Nephi and Jacob tell us in the first two books of Nephi, what other evidence do we have that the writings of Isaiah are important in the eyes of the Lord?

1 Most quoted prophet in the Book of mormon

2 prophet most quoted by the Jews in the New testiment

3 Christ commanded the Nephites to read Isaiah (3NE)

4 Mormon told reader to search Isaiah's prophecies ( Mormon 8: 23)

5 quoted in the d & C 6 Moroni quoted Isaiah when he came to Joseph Smith


what are two descriptions Nephi uses for the tongues of people who have Holy Ghost?( 2 NE 31: 13)

*what are the two sources that will tell/show us all things that we should do? **when we forget or decide not to pray, whose teachings are we follo


tongue of angels and new tongue

*words of Christ & Holy Ghost

**evil spirit


Nephi writes five times about enduring to the end. with what does he associate it?(2 ne 31:15, 16, 20 and 33:4)

**what age group perceives it more difficult to endure to the end?


have eternal life and be saved

**old agers, toughest at the end

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