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Qualitative descriptions of beer styles

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Light American Lager
Little malt or hop aroma, low levels yeast character.
Pale straw color(2-3), white frothy head.
Crisp and dry flavor low grainy or corn-sweetness.
High carbonation.
Refreshing and thirst quenching.
Standard American Lager
Little malt or hop aroma.
Low yeast character.
Pale straw-med yellow color (2-4), white frothy head.
Crisp and dry flavor low grainy or corn-sweetness.
High carbonation.
Refreshing and thirst quenching.
Premium American Lager
Low-med low malt and hop aromas. Grainy, spicy/floral.
Low yeast character (sometimes fruity).
Pale straw-gold (2-6), white frothy head.
Crisp and dry flavor grainy sweetness. Little hop flavor.
High carbonation, medium-light body.
Slightly more filling than other American lagers.
Munich Helles
Pleasently grainy-sweet aroma, med-low spicy noble hop aroma, little DMS.
Med-yellow-pale gold color (3-5), creamy white head.
Slightly sweet/malty. Low-mod low spicy noble hop flavor
Medium body, medium carbonation. Smooth.
Malty but fully attenuated pils
Dortmunder Export
Low-med noble hop aroma. Mod pils aroma. May have sulfer/DMS.
Light gold-deep gold (4-6), persistent white head.
Balances malt and hops, lingering bitterness. Clean.
Medium body, medium carbonation.
Balanced and smooth. Slightly higher gravity than other lagers.
German Pilsner
Light grainy pils aroma, flower or spicy noble hops. Clean. Possible DMS.
Straw-light gold (2-5), creamy long lasting head.
Crisp and bitter, dry finish. mod-low maltiness. German noble hop flavor only.
Med-light body, med-high carbonation.
Crisp, clean, refreshing with German hop bitterness.
Bohemian Pilsener
Complex malt and spicy, floral Saaz hop aroma. Diacetyl acceptable.
Very pale gold-deep gold (3.5-5), dense long lasting head.
Rich maltinesswith soft bitterness. Balanced, clean.
Medium body, medium carbonation.
Crisp, complex, well rounded, refreshing.
Classic American Pilsner
Low-med corn-sweetness, med-mod high hop aroma (noble). Clean, DMS ok.
Yellow-deep gold +(3-6). Long lasting white head, bright.
Moderiate maltiness
Vienna Lager
Munich/Vienna malt aroma, clean, low noble hop aroma.
Light reddish amber-copper (10-16). Large off white persistent head
Soft malt complexity followed by hop bitterness. Some toast.
Medium body, gentle creaminess. Moderate carbonation.
Soft, elegant maltiness that dries in the finish.
Veinna/Munich malt aroma, lightly toasted. No hops.
Gold-amber (7-14)
Malty sweetness-finish dry. Moderate bitterness.
Medium body, medium carbonation. Creamy.
Smooth, clean, rich, soft maltiness.
Munich Dunkel
Munich malt sweetness aroma, hints of chocoalate, slight noble hops ok.
Amber-brown (14-28) Creamy medium tan head.
Rich munich malt, bread crusts. Moderate sweetness.
Medium body, firm mouthfeel. Moderate carbonation.
Depth of munich malt without being too intense.
Maibock/ Helles Bock
Moderate malt aroma, toasty. Low noble hop, spicy. Clean. DMS ok.
Gold-light amber (6-11) Large, creamy persistent white head
Pils malt flavor with toastiness. Moderate bitterness.
Medium body. Mod-high carbonation. Smooth.
Pale, strong malty lager beer. More hop than other bocks
Stong maltiness. Some toastiness. Light caramel OK. No hop aroma. Moderate alcohol aroma.
Gold- dark brown (6-25). Large, creamy, persistent head
Rich malty flavor. Clean. Fruitiness ok. Warming alcohol. Low bitterness.
Medium-full body. Moderate-low carbonation. Smooth.
Strong, rich lager. Bigger than other bocks.
Intense malt and alcohol presence. No hops. Plum, prune, grape aromas.
Deep copper-dark brown (18-30). off white head
Sweet malt and alcohol. Toasty, caramel, no hop.
Full-very full bodied, low carbonation. Alcohol warmth.
Strong, full, malty dark lager.
Cream Ale
Sweet corn aroma, low DMS. No hop.
Pale straw-gold (2.5-5) Med-high carbonation. Fair head retention, brilliant.
Low bitterness, low maltiness. Finish dry-sweet.
Light and crisp body. Smooth, high carbonation.
Clearn, well attenuated lawnmower beer.
Blonde Ale
Light sweet malty aroma. Low fruitiness, low hop aroma.
Yellow-gold (3-6). Medium white head with fair retention.
Soft malty sweetness, low esters. Moderate hop flavor, low bitterness. Finish medium-dry.
Medium body, med-high carbonation. Smooth
Easy-drinking, malt-oriented beer.
Low pils malt, subtle fruit aroma. Low noble hop.
Very pale-light gold (3.5-5). Delicate white head.
Soft palate, medium low bitterness, slight pucker, medium noble hop flavor.
Smooth and crisp. Medium-light body. Medium carbonation.
Clean, crisp delicate beer. Refreshing.
American Wheat or Rye
Low grainy wheat aroma, low malty sweetness. No banana or clove. Low citrus/noble hop character.
Pale yellow-gold. Big, long lasting white head.
Light grainy wheat flavor. Low-mod bitterness.
Medium body, med-high carbonation. light alcohol warmth.
Refreshing, display more hop and less yeast character than German wheats.
California Common
Signature nothern brewer hops (woody, rustic, minty) mod-high aroma. Low caramel/toasty malt.
Medium amber-light copper (10-14) Off-white head, good retention.
Moderately malty (toast+caramel), pronounced bitterness (N. Brewer). Dry finish.
Medium bodied. Medium carbonation.
Lightly fruity beer with firm maltiness.
Dusseldorf Altbier
Clean yet robust malt & noble hop aroma w/esters.
Light amber-deep copper (11-17) Clear. Thick creamy off white head.
Assertive hop bitterness, crisp malt character. Some esters. Dry, long lasting bittersweet finish.
Medium bodied. Smooth, medium carbonation. Low astringency. Session beer in dusseldorf.
Well balanced bitter yet malty smooth amber german ale
Standard/Ordinary Bitter
Some malt aroma with caramel, mild fruitiness. Low hop aroma (UK varieties)
Light yellow-light copper (4-14) Low off-white head.
Medium-high bitterness. Mod esters, mod hop flavor (earthy, floral). Low maltiness, dry finish.
Light body. Low carbonation.
Low gravity, low alcohol, low carbonation. Drikability is critical
Special/Best Bitter
Some malt aroma with caramel. Mild fruitiness. None-mod hop aroma.
Medium gold-med copper (5-16). Low off-white head.
Medium-high bitterness, low esters, low hop flavor, low maltiness, dry finish. Caramel common.
Medium-light body. Low carbonation.
Flavorful yet refreshing session beer. Drinkability.
Mod hop aroma, medium malt aroma. Medium malt aroma, caramel. med esters.
Golden-deep copper (6-18). Low off white head.
Med bitterness, supporting malt. caramelly malt sweetness. Mod-high hop flavor. Dry finish.
Medium light-full body. Low carbonation.
Average-mod strong english ale. Even balance, somewhat bitter. Drinkability.
Scottish ales: 60/-, 70/-, *80/-*
Low-med malty sweetness, carmel. Peat aroma (smoky, earthy).
Deep amber-dark copper. (9-17) Low, creamy off white head.
Malt is primary flavor. low diacetyl. Esters. Low bitterness, balance towards malt.
Medium body, low-mod carbonation.
Cleanly malty with drying finish.
Strong Scotch Ale
Deeply malty, caramel aromas. Earthy/smoky. Low esters and alcohol smell. No hops.
Light copper-dark brown (14-25), ruby highlights. Large tan head.
Richly malty with caramel, roasted/smoky malt. Low bitterness. Low plum, raisin ester. Full and sweet.
Medium-full body, thick viscosity. Smooth alcoholic warmth. Mod carbonation.
Rich, malty, sweet. Complex secondary malt.
American Pale Ale
Mod-strong hop aroma (dry hopping). Citrusy hop character. Low maltiness. Some fruity esters.
Pale golden-deep amber (5-14). Large white head good retention.
Moderate-high hop flavor, citrusy. Low malt. Mod-high bitterness. Dry finish
Medium body, med-high carbonation. Smooth finish.
Refreshing and hoppy, with sufficient supporting malt.
American Amber Ale
Low-mod hop aroma (dry hopping) citrusy hop common. Mod maltiness for balance, some caramel.
Amber-coppery brown (10-17) Large off white head with good retention.
Mod-high US hop flavor, malt mod-strong, some sweetness. Balanced bitterness.
Medium-medfull body, mod-high carbonation. Smooth finish.
Like pale ale with more body, caramel richness, balance towards malt.
American Brown Ale
Malty, sweet, rich; chocolate, nutty, toasty aroma. low hop aroma. low diacetyl ok
light-dark brown (18-35) low off white-light tan head.
Med-high malt flavor, med-high bitterness. Dry finish. low esters.
Medium-med full body. Mod-mod high carbonation. Some alcohol warmth ok.
Bigger, maltier, hoppier than northern english brown.
English Mild
low malt aroma, some fruitiness. wide malt expression range. no hop aroma.
copper-dark brown (12-25) low off-white-tan head, poor retention.
malty beer, range of malt flavors, low bitterness.
light-med body, low carbonation.
light-flavored malt beer, good session beer. refreshing, yet flavorful.
Southern English Brown
Malty sweet, rich caramel toffee character. Mod fruity (plums, raisins)
Light-dark brown (19-35) low-mod off white-tan head.
Deep caramel/toffee malt sweetness. Hints of biscuit and coffee. Low bitterness. No roasty or bitter black malt.
Med body, risidual sugar. Low carbonation. Creamy.
Luscious, malt oriented brown, with caramel and dark fruit complexity.
Northern English Brown
Light, sweet malt with toffee, nutty notes. Light hop aroma, light esters.
Dark amber-reddish brown (12-22) Low off white-light tan head.
Gentle malt sweetness, dry finish. May be toasty/biscuity. Medium bitterness. Malt-hop balance even. Esters ok.
Medium body. Med-med high carbonation.
Drier & more hop oriented than southern brown, with more nutty than caramel.
Brown Porter
malt mild roast aroma. some choco, caramel, bready, toffee. hop aroma and esters little.
Light brown-dark brown (20-30) ruby highlights. Mod off white-light tan head, good retention.
mild roasty malt flavor. Med bitterness, moderate esters.
Medium body, low-high carbonation.
Fairly substantial english dark ale with restrained roasty characteristics.
Robust Porter
Roasty aroma, some grainy bready coffee ok. varying hop aroma. low esters
Medium-dark brown (22-35), ruby highlights. Full, tan head with moderately good retention.
Moderate strong malt flavor burnt & black. Roasty dry finish. Med-high bitterness.
Medium-fully body. Mod carbonation. Slight alcohol warmth ok.
Substantial, mlaty dark ale with complex roasty character.
Baltic Porter
Rich malty sweetness w/ caramel, toffee, toast, licorice. alcohol & ester profile. Port-like. Deep chocolate. No hops.
Dark reddish-opaque dark brown (17-30). Thick, persistant tan head.
Rich malty sweet. esters & alcohol. Smooth roasted flavor. Dark fruits. Medium bitterness for balance.
Full bodied and smooth, well aged alcohol warmth. medium carbonation.
Dry Stout
Coffee roasted barley aroma, slight choco. low esters. low hop.
Jet black-deep brown (25-40) Thick, creamy, long lasting tan-brown head.
Moderate roast, griany sharpness. Med-high hop bitterness. Dry coffee finish.
Medium body, creamy. low-mod carbonation.
Dark roasty bitter creamy ale.
Sweet Stout
Mild roasted aroma, coffee/chocolate. Cream like sweetness. Diacetyl low ok. Hop low.
Dark brown-black (30-40). Creamy tan-brown head
Dark roasted malt dominate. Coffee/chocoalte. Bitterness moderate, lower than dry stout. Med sweetness.
Full body, creamy. Low-mod carbonation. High resid sweetness.
Very dark, sweet, full bodied, slightly roasty ale. Sweetened espresso.
Oatmeal Stout
Mild roasted aroma, coffee-like. Light sweetness. Low fruitiness. Diacetyl ok. Low hop.
Med brown-black (22-40). Thick creamy persistent head.
Med sweet-med dry, complexity of oat & dark roasted grain. Milk choco, coffee cream. Med bitterness.
Full body, smooth. Creamy, med-med high carbonation.
Very dark, full bodied, roasty, malty ale with oatmeal flavor.
Foreign Extra Stout
Roasted grain aroma, coffee/chocolate/burnt. Fruitiness, sweet aroma, or alcohol.
Deep brown-black (30-40). Large tan brown head, good retention.
Can be sweet (tropical version), Dry (export). Roasted malt, not sharp. Coffee, chocolate, burnt.
Full body. Smooth, creamy character. Warming.
Very dark, mod strong roasty ale. Tropical = sweet, export=dry and robust.
American Stout
Mod roasted malt aroma, roasted coffee/dark chocolate.
Citrus hop aroma. Esters ok.
Jet black (30-40). Large persistent head light tan-light brown
Mod roasted flavor, coffee, dark/bittersweet chocolate. Low malt sweetness. Med-high bitterness. Dry finish.
Med-full body. Creamy, roast astringency ok. High carbonation, alc warmth.
Hoppy, bitter, strongly roasted Foreign Stout.
Russian Imperial Stout
Rich complex aroma. Roasted grains, maltiness, esters, hops, alcohol.
Dark reddish-brown to jet black (30-40). Deep tan-dark brown head with mod retention.
Rich, deep, complex, intense, malty, fruity, bitter, alcohol. Medium-high bitterness. Burnt ok. No diacetyl.
Full-very full body. Velvety texture. Smooth warmth, low carbonation.
Intensely flavored big dark roasty ale with noticeable alcohol presence.
English IPA
Mod hop aroma-floral, earthy, fruity.
Pale-med amber (8-14). Good off white head.
Med-high hop flavor, mod bitterness. Floral, earthy, fruity. Med malt flavor with english character (bready, biscuit) High sulfate water=dry finish
Smooth, med body, mod-high carbonation.
Hoppy, moderately strong pale that features english characteristics. Less hop, more malt compared to American IPA
American IPA
Intense hop aroma; citrusy, floral, piney. Clean malty sweetness.
Med gold-med red (6-15). Good white-offwhite head persists.
Med-high hop flavor (american), high bitterness, good malt backbone, lingering bitterness.
Smooth med body, medium carbonation. Less body than english IPA
Imperial IPA
Intense hop aroma (any hop), citrusy. Dry hop=grassy. Alcohol.
Golden amber-med red (8-15). Good off white persistent head.
Strong complex hop flavor, really high bitterness, good malt backbone (clean), dry finish, alcohol flavor.
Smooth, medium body. Med carbonation, alcohol warming.
Intensely hoppy, strong pale ale without maltiness of barleywine.
Mod-strong phenols and esters. Low hop character, no malt.
Pale straw-dark gold (2-8). Thick long lasting white head.
Mod banana and clove flavor. Balanced. Bready, grainy wheat flavor. Low hop flavor/bitterness.
Med body, high carbonation.
Pale, spicy, fruity, refreshing wheat based ale.
Mod-strong phenols and esters. Balanced. Low malt/wheat.
Light copper-mahogany brown (14-23). Thick, long lasting off white head.
Mod banana and clove flavor. Soft, bready, grainy flavor; caramel from vienna malt. Malty richness med low.
Med body, creamy, high carbonation. Effervescent.
Mod dark, spicy, fruity, malty, refreshing wheat based ale. Weizen + rich malt character.
Rich, bock bready malt and dark fruit aroma. Mod phenols, banana esters. Mod alcohol aroma.
Dark amber-dark ruby brown. Thicky, long lasting light tan head.
Complex rich, bock dark fruit, spicy clove, light banana, moderate wheat flavor.Slightly sweet, bitterness low. Sherry like oxidation in aged examples ok.
Med-full body, creamy, alcohol warming, mod-high carbonation.
Strong, malty, fruity, wheat based ale. Best flavors of dunkelweizen + rich strength of bock.
Mod sweetness, light grainy spicy wheat aroma, tart. herbal. zesty.
Pale straw-light gold (2-4). Cloudy, milky appearance. Dense white head, good retention.
Sweet, zesty citrus. Refreshing, crisp, tart. low bitterness.
Med body, smooth and creamy from unmalted wheat. Dry/tart finish. High carbonation.
Refreshing elegant, tasty wheat based ale.
Belgian Pale Ale
Malt aroma, mod fruit and low hop aroma. Not as much fruit as other belgians.
Amber-copper (8-14). Creamy, white head fades quickly.
Fruity and lightly spicy. Smooth malt, low hop, low bitterness. Dry sweet finish.
Med body, med carbonation.
Fruity, mod malty, somewhat spicy, easy drinking ale.
High fruitiness, low hop aroma, mod herb, spice and alcohol.
Distinct pale orange, may be golden-amber. Dense, persistent white head.
Fruity, spicy flavors supported by soft malt, med alcohol and tartness. Bitter, spicy aftertaste.
Light-med body. Med-high alcohol. High carbonation, dry finish.
Refreshing, med-strong fruity/spicy ale. Highly carbonated and well hopped.
Biere de Garde
Malty sweetness, complex toasty character. Mod esters, no hop aroma. Woodsy cellar-like character.
Blonde, amber or brown (6-19). White-off white head.
Med high malt flavor, toffee or caramel sweetness. Mod esters and alcohol. Med low bitterness, balance towards malt. Dry finish.
Med body, smooth and silky. Mod-high carbonation. Mod alcohol.
Fairly strong, malt accentuated, lagered artisanal farmhouse beer.
Berliner Weisse
Sharply sour, acidic aroma. Mod fruity. Mild brett.
Very pale straw (2-3). Dense white head with poor retention
Clean lactic sourness, not as acidic as lambic. Bready noticeable. Low bitterness, no hop.
Light body, dry finish, high carbonation.
Very pale, sour, refreshing, low alcohol wheat ale.
Flanders Red Ale
Complex fruitiness, complementary malt. Black cherries, plums. Vanilla, chocolate notes. Sour, acidic.
Deep red to reddish brown (10-16). White-pale tan head, good retention.
Intense fruitiness, plum, black cherry. mild vanilla, chocolate. Sour, acidic. Malty range. Low bitterness.
Med body, dry finish, med carbonation.
A complex, sour, red wine like belgian style ale.
Flanders Brown/Oud Bruin
Fruity esters & rich malt. Raisins, plums, figs; caramel toffee malt. Sherry if aged. low sour, no hop.
Dark reddish-brown - brown (15-22). Ivory-light tan head, good retention.
Malty with fruity complexity some caramelization. Dark fruits, malt caramel toffee orange. Sourness ok. Low bitterness and oxidation.
Med body, low-mod carbonation.
Malty, fruity, aged, somewhat sour belgian brown ale.
Lambic (unblended
Sour/acidic aroma young, barnyard, earthy, horsey aged. Oak citrus aroma favorable.
Pale yellow-deep golden. Darker with age. Poor head retention, white.
Young: sour, lactic. Simple fruit. Aged: malt, wheat, barnyard. Complex fruit. ; low bitterness, no hop.
Light body, dries with age. Med-high tart puckering quality. Virtually uncarbonated.
Complex, sour, acidic pale, wheat based ale with wild belgian yeast.
Mod sour, acidic aroma blends with barnyard. Balance is key. Citrus fruity, honey. mild oak aroma.
Golden. Thick rocky white head lasts forever.
Mod sour acidic balanced with malt, wheat and barnyard. Low sweetness. Fruit and honey. low bitterness.
Light-med body, med puckering quality. Highly carbonated.
Complex, pleasantly sour, balanced, pale wheat based ale.
Fruit Lambic
Fruit added should be dominant. Low sour aroma, low barnyard.
Fruit determines color, fades withage. Thick rocky head long lasting.
Fruit added is front. Low sour, barnyard low-high. low sweetness.
Light body, med puckering quality. highly carbonated.
complex, fruity, pleasantly sour balanced pale wheat based ale plus fruit. aka lambic + fruit.
Belgian Blonde Ale
Earthy, spicy, lightly sweet pils malt. sublt yeast, lightly sweet.
Light-deep gold. Large dense creamy white head, good retention, lacing.
Smooth pils malt sweetness finishes dry w/smooth alcohol. Med hop & alcohol bitterness.
High carbonation, med body, light-mod alcohol warmth. creamy.
Med strength golden ale with subtle belgian complexity, slightly sweet flavor, dry finish.
Belgian Dubbel
Complex, rich malty sweetness. Chocolate, caramel, toast. Mod esters. Soft alcohol.
Dark amber-copper (10-17), reddish. Dense, long lasting off white head.
Similar to aroma. Rich malty sweet, finishes mod dry. Malt ester alcohol interplay. Low bitterness.
Med-full body. Med-high carbonation. Low alcohol warmth.
Deep reddish, moderately strong, malty complex Belgian.
Belgian Tripel
Complex, mod-signif spiciness. Mod fruity esters, low alcohol and hop aroma. Low malt character.
Deep yellow-deep gold (4-7). Long lasting, cream white head. Good lacing.
Spicy, fruity, alcohol flavor with soft malt. Peppery phenols. Citrus fruit esters. Mod spicy hop character. Med-high bitterness. Dry finish.
Med body, high alcohol, high carbonation.
Darker and more full body than Strong Golden, with more rounded malt flavor, not sweet.
Belgian Golden Strong
Complex, signif light fruity esters, mod spiciness, mod alcohol and hop aroma. Peppery phenols. Floral hop.
Yellow-med gold. Long lasting, large white head, good lacing.
Fruity, spicy, alcohol supported by soft malt. Pear/orange esters. Low peppery. Med high bitterness.
V high carbonation. Light-med body, smooth. Warm alcohol.
Golden, complex, effervescent, strong belgian style ale.
Belgian Dark Strong
Complex, rich malty sweetness, signif esters and alcohol, light spiciness. Caramel, bready aroma. Dark fruit esters.
Deep amber-deep copper brown (12-22). Huge dense persistend light tan head.
Similar to aroma. Mod malty, dry finish, low bitterness, malty leaning.
High carbonation, smooth alcohol warmth. Variable body- Trappist: med body, Abbey style: full and creamy.
Dark, very rich, complex, very strong, belgian ale. Smooth and dangerous.
Old Ale
Malty-sweet with fruity esters, complex dark fruit, caramel, nutty. Alcohol and oxidative notes ok. Akin to Port. No hop.
Light amber-dark reddish brown (10-22). Mod-low cream head.
Med-high malty sweet character. complex, light chocolate, roasted flavors. Fruity esters, dry/sweet finish. Alcohol evident.
Med-full chewy body. Low carbonation, med alcohol warmth.
Ale with signif alcohol strength, between brown porter and barleywine. Sweeter, maltier balance.
English Barleywine
Rich and strongly malty, caramel like aroma. Mod-strong dried fruit. English hop aroma, alcohol. Bready, toffee, port.
Rich gold-v dark amber (8-22), ruby highlights. mod off white head, low retention.
Strong, intense, complex, multi-layered malt flavors. Mod-high sweetness, sweet mod dry finish. Soft alcohol.
Full bodied, chewy. Velvety texture, smooth warmth, low carbonation.
Richest, strongest English ale. Malty richness and complex intense flavor.
American Barleywine
Very rich, intense maltiness. Mod-assertive hop character (american: citrus/resin). Mod strong fruity esters and alcohol. Sweet, caramelly, bready malt.
Light amber-med copper (10-19), ruby highlights. Mod off white head, low retention.
Strong, intense malt flavor with noticeable bitterness. Mod malty sweetness, balance towards bitter, mod esters. Smooth alcohol.
Full bodied and chewy, velvety texture. present alcohol warmth. Low carbonation.
Well hopped american interpretation. Evident hop character, very long finish.
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