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4 levels of Faith
Saving- the belief that God died for us so that we could have eternal life

Serving- to serve God not by guilt or to impress him but because we want to

Self Anointed- be experienced by others who have accepted Christ and have full assurance of salvation in His Cross

Self Sacrificing- Don't just think about your own faith but about others faith as well
4 power points of prayer
Tenacity- show him what you care about most and defeat all forces of evil

Humility- dont be afraid to tell God what you're struggling with because he knows your past, present, and future.

Simplicity- no matter big or small God cares about everything that you're going through

Audacity- pray without fear, with boldness, and God will prove its truthfulness
In what 6 ways does Christian meditation differ from other meditation practices?
1. Christ is focus
2. It involves openness to the Holy Spirit
3. It involves patiently waiting on the Lord and trusting him.
4. Focuses on the Cross and God's grace
5. The human heart is resistant to Christian meditation
6. Its firmly rooted in real life and its not a mystical attempt to evade reality.
Personal Finance Choices
1. Putting God First- making sure that we acknowledge Him.
2. Earning- Use the gifts that God has given you in a responsible and productive manner.
3. Spending- Spend time with God instead of spending money on things that you don't need.
4. Saving- Make all you can, save all you can, so that you can give all you can
5. Investing- Investing money, talents, and gifts in the market place of life to the glory of God
6. Giving- Lead a full and satisfying life without constantly thinking about yourself and not others.
7. Getting/Staying out of Debt- Remember that a real solution may not be an ethical one.
God's Happiness vs. The World's View of Happiness
Gods View- If you are happy with what you already have, you have everything that you need.

World's- That "Image is Everything" and we need to try to make people like us to be happy.
What are the areas we must set goals in and what the aspects of goal setting that we must focus on to be successful?
Set our goals on spiritual, personal, education, and career.
Tools to Help Follow God
Prayer, Scripture, Wise-Counsel, Reason, Experience, and Providential Leadings.
How to strive for academic and spiritual success?
Work on "owning" your own faith, get involved in practicing you faith, have private time with God, and make sure you have a spiritual support system
Choosing a Career
Seek Employment
Must Be ethical/lawful
Provide for ones family
Be characterized by traits
Dont depend on others
Earn you own food
Meet ones needs and have left over to help others
Set a good example
honor, be loyal, and respectful
Diligent when not supervised
Dont take advantage
Personal Integrity
How to market myself to employers?
Put yourself in Employers shoes
Remember importance of attitude
Supply work history & recommendations
Write personal cover letter
Show interest without being a pest
How do I implement the Principles of Conflict resolution?
Pinpoint problem
Examine Relationship
Determine Cost
Search for Solution
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