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Dudley Hall

Year: 1977

-Named after Ralph Dudley, an Auburn graduate in Electrical Engineering and then went on to earn his architecture degree.


-It is home for the CADC and Library of CADC. 

-Advising for CADC majors takes place here during Camp.

Goodwin Music Hall

Year: 1974


-The AU marching band recieved the Sudler Intercollegiate Marching Band Trophy in 2004, the nation's highest and most coveted awared for college and university marching bands. No try out is needed for the AUMB.


-Houses the Department of muisc and band and music instruction.

Telefair Peet Theater

Year: 1972


-It is believed that Sydney, an old civil war ghost haunts the set. Sydney is rumored to have originially inhabited the University Chapel. 


-Houses the Theater Dept as well as stage productions and classroom instruction. 


Lowder Business Building



Year: 1992


-The building is 6 stories but contains a '0' floor which can make navigation a bit tricky. 


Current Use:

-The College of Business is housed here. 

-Academic Advising for the College of Business takes place here during Camp.

-Some features withing the building include curved and tiered classrooms, a conference room, two large auditoriums and a seminar room. 

-There are 4 computer labs, a video MDA room and 6 audiovisual classrooms linked to the AU satellite system used to send taped lectures to outreach students in different locations. 

-The building also houses outreach units along with the general academic programs of the College. 

-New on the first floor is the Office of Professional and Career Development which is an area only for business students which will serve as a career center for mock intervies, career coach help as well as a location for employers to hold interviews. 

Nichols Center

Year: 1986


-The 4 colum portico was transplanted from the orignial Broun Hall that burned down. 

-Inside the lobby of the building is a statue called Bold Spirit, an eagle that can be seen as the symbol of the military and as Auburn's mascot. 


-Home to 3 ROTC Programs: Navy, Army, Air Force

The Hotel at AU and Dixon Conference Center

Year: 1989


-Located on South College across from RBD. 

-Ariccia Italian Restaurant is also located inside the Hotel and is named after the international campus of AU, the location of the study abroad program for the College of Human Sciences in Italy. 


-Privately operated hotel and the university operated conference center provide modern facilities for participants in conference and other functions involving university faculty and others. Includes a banquet hall, auditorium and ballroom.

The Alumni Center

Year: 1989


-It was built to provide a home for alumni activities in 1989. 


-It serves as a meeting place for visiting alumni as well as the SAB and WEGP.

Jule Collins Museum of Fine Art

Year: 2003


-The project began in 1948 with what became known as AU's Advancing American Art Collection. 

-The building is named for wife of Albert Smith who made a $3 million dollar donation as a 50th anniversary present. 

-Admission is free for students. 

Graves Amphitheater

-Located behind the Telfair Peet Theater. 


-Over the years, the amphitheater has been used by several on campus and off campus organizations to host events. 


Biggin Hall

Year: 1951


-Biggin Hall was originally the home of the School of Architecture.

-It is named for Frederic Child Biggin, the first dean of the School of Architecture.

-The most prominent feature is a wall of windows facing north on Magnolia Avenue to let in abundant natural light favored by architects and artists.


-Houses the Art Dept, including a gallery on the first floor which periodically displays work from prominent artists. Free for students and the public. 

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