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What kind of fish is this?




  Grass Carp

Ctenopharyngodon idella

*Also known as the white amur.

*Looks somewhat like the common carp.
*It has an olive to silvery-white coloring.
*Has large scales that are darkedged,with a black spot at the base.

*Fins are clear to gray-brown,and the body is relatively slender.

*Lives in lakes,ponds,pools and the backwaters of large rivers.

*Can grow up to 50lbs.or more and about 4ft.long.



What kind of fish is this?


Chain Pickerel

 Esox Niger

*Can grow to more than 30 inches long.

*Usually two pounds.

*Dark,greenish-yellow back,fading to lighter yellow-green along the sides. *Live in and around weedbeds and sunken stumps and logs in natural lakes,swampy ponds and manmade impoundments.(Norhtern PA)

*Spawn in early spring,when water tempatures are in the high 40s to low 50s.(Spawning lasts about a week.6000 to 8000 sticky eggs are then layed by the female over underwater weeds.)




What kind of fish is this?


Yellow Bullhead(Ameiurus natalis)

*Can grow up to 18-19 inches long,but most are much smaller.

*The back is yellow-olive to a slate-gray,shading to a lighter yellow on the sides.

*The stomach is bright yellow or whitish.

*The chin barbels are white or yellow.

*Has 5-8 sawlike teeth on the back edges of the pectoral spines.

*The rear edge of tail fin is nearly straigt or rounded.

*Prefers backwaters and slow currents in streams and rivers.;Also live in ponds and reservoirs,especially if there is a mucky bottom and dense aquatic vegetation.

*Yellow bullheads are omnivores(they eat aquatic insect larvae,snails,freshwater clams,crayfish,small fish and other underwater animals,as well as plant material).

*They also have an excellent sense of smell,which helps them locate food in muddy water.



What kind of fish is this?


Brown Bullhead Catfish

Ameiurus nebulosus

*Species name "nebulosos" means "clouded," referring to its mottled sides. *Maximum size is 18in.and 3lbs.;Average size is 12-15in.

*Upper part of head,back,and sides are dark to light yellow-brown or olive-brown shading to grayishwhite or yellowish white on the stomach.

*Sides are brown or black mottling and its chin barbels are dark,grayish black,but may have a whitish color at the base.

*Strong pectoral fin spines have 5-8 sawlike teeth on their rear edges.

*Found mostly in ponds and the bays of larger lakes,and in slow-moving sections and pools of warmwater streams.

*Like most catfish,brown bullheads are mostly active at night,when their sensitive barbels help them find food in the darkness.

*They are onivorous bottom-feeders(they eat:aquatic insects and larvae,worms,minnows and other small fish,crayfish,snails,freshwater clams and algae)




What kind of fish is this?



Lepomis macrochirus

*Scientific species name "macrochirus" means "large hand," referring to the fish's body shape.

*Its back is olive to brownish black,its sides shade to brownish,orange, and even pink,the stomach is white to yellow or copery-orange,and the sides of its head are greenish to blue-green,with lighter metallic-looking blue on the lower edge of the gill flap and under the lower jaw.

*Pectoral fin is long and pointed.

*Prefer to live in lakes,small farm ponds,and the slower parts of warmwater streams and rivers.

*May grow to a foot long and up to 2lbs.,although the average size is 9in.

*They are generalized feeders and only eat in the daytime and throughout the water column(they eat:aquatic insects,crustaceans and minnows,and they have been known to eat aquatic plants).




What kind of fish is this?


Common Carp

Cyprinus carpio

*Genus name "Cyprinus" is the old-world name for carp;"Carpio" is a latin word meaning "carp".

*Typical back color is olive-brown to reddish-brown,and the sides become silvery-bronze,brassy,or olive-gold;The stomach is yellow or yellow-white.

*Usually grow to about 30in. and 10-15lbs.

*They can be found in ponds,lakes and reservoirs;when they live in rivers,they inhabit the slower-flowing sections.
*Common carp can live up to 20 years.
*Carps are omnivores(eats:a wide variety of aqautic plants,algae,insect larvae and other invertebrates,and even small fish).
*"Carp have a well-developed sense of taste and a sensitive mouth.";Their pharyngeal"teeth",which are located in the throat,are adapted for crushing.The larger ones look like our molars(humans).



What kind of frog is this?




Lithobates catesbeianus

*Bullfrogs can be found in small ponds to margins of large lakes,streams,rivers,creeks and backwaters.

*Can grow up to 3.5-8in.(5.7-11.4cm.)in length.

*Dorsal color is bright leaf green to olive,olive brown or brown,dorsal pattern varies with each individual that may include mottling or marbles dark brown to black pigment on the back and sides of the body.

*Ventral is dirty white and may have black mottling.

*"The legs may have indistinct dark bars."

*Newly metamorphosed or sub adults are greenish grey with small scattered black spots.

*Bullfrogs do not have a dorsal fold.

*Its dorsal skin is smooth to pebbled in texture and occasionally has small warts.

*tadpole=Tail crest is translucent with small black dots.




What kind of frog is this?


Green Frog

Lithobates clamitans

*2-4 in.(5-10 cm.)in length.

*Green Frogs live in small ponds,marshes,swamps,the border of lakes,small streams and large rivers.

*Their dorsal background color varies from brigght green to dark green or greenish brown.Their dorsum is usually immaculate or may small dark maculations.

*Sides of the head are bright green.

*"The ventral is cream to white and is immaculate or may have reticulated dark lines."

*Its dorsal skinis slightly rough and granular.

*tadpoles=Tail and tail crest has multiple black botches.



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