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Tlatilco female figurine. 1200 B.C.E. Ceramic.

Woman with big thighs, small waist & no arms

Shows humans have two sides represented by double faces

Cultures appreciation & value towards women due to fertilization & reproduction

Hair styling important


Made by hand
Doryphoros. 440 B.C.E. Roman marble copy.

Symbolizes perfect athlete body, Olympic games

Nude male warrior or athlete

Few Ancient Greek bronze sculptures survived

Epitomize an intellectual rigor of statuary design
Allegory of Law and Grace. 1530 C.E. Woodcut. Cranach.

Left side = judgement day arriving, Christ's arrival at top

Right side = Christ's showering sinners w/ grace

Woodcuts inexpensive

Differences based on Old Testament vs. belief in God's grace by placing tree in the middle


To change Catholic Church

Two focuses: to judge & to show mercy
Las Meninas. Velasquez. 1656 C.E. Oil on canvas.

Velasquez is in the painting

Depicts infanta, servants, & w/ King Philip IV + queen reflecting in the back

Velasquez influnece by Caravaggio

Life on the court what it is all about

Spaniards passionate about Catholic church

Artist adore Queen & King he was their court painter
The Swing. Fragonard. Oil on canvas. 1767.

Clothing indicates lady is wealthy

Bishop pushing her and man hiding in bushes looking up = lover

Leg up = wants to hook up

*blast and boughs lightning crossing

Dog on lower right represent fidelity

Revolution in 1789
The Oxbow. Cole. 1836 C.E. Oil on canvas.

Cole family moved to U.S in 1818

Show pride in country & progress

Left side = nature, wilderness not yet explore

Right side = more advance civilization / crops (agriculture)

American landscape done by group of artists "Hudson River School"

Used land to speak something important about U.S

Subject is westward expansion
Veranda Post. Before 1938. Wood, pigmnet. Yoruba People. Nigeria. Olowe of Ise.

Created for interior/exterior of a palace

King holds spear and pistol more modern

King is largest figure and important

Woman = fertile, keep king throne going

Horse is necessary to rule, source of power found on community

Gap in teeth = beauty

Cultures need of King & his support to provide safety + food
Guggenheim Museum. 1997. Gehry. Titanium glass. Spain

Place of modern and contemporary art

Architecture is being challenged

Titanium tiles inspire by artist's childhood w/ fish

Building is made up of curls & swirls w/ glass windows reflecting light

Part of program by the Basque regional govt.
City was in a period of economic decline

Museum would allow tourist to come
Kui Hua Zi. Wei Wei. 2010. Sculpted & painted porcelain.

Artist uses art to bring attention to political & economic injustices

100+ million porcelain sunflower seeds

Seeds made to undermine power & authority

Seeds = powerless individual

Whole art = strong society
Spiral Jetty. Smithson. 1970. Earthwork, mud.

*Environmental art

Art curving out from land into water

Artist driving by saw abandoned equipment left by a company that try & fail to get oil from site

Power of nature & humankind inability to conquer nature

Earth art is use of natural/organic materials

Increased concern for American environment, call attention to landscape
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