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Aircrew fundamentals
Air Force Aircrew Fundamentals

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 The FE's duties include applying weight and balance to

compute aircraft performance data, operating and monitoring aircraft systems, controls

and indicators, assisting the pilot in all aspects of flight operations, reporting abnormal

conditions to the pilot/crew, recommending corrective action and ensuring not to exceed engine/aircraft limitations.




(Boom Operator) performs aircrew duties on the KC-135

and KC-10. The boom operator performs in-flight aircrew functions according to

applicable flight manuals, checklists, and other Air Force publications. The boom

operator's duties include aerial refueling of receiver aircraft, weight and balance of all

cargo, monitoring gauges and circuit breakers and loading/unloading of passengers.




The loadmaster's

duties include computing aircraft weight and balance, ensuing safety and security of all

cargo, conducting airdrops and providing for the safety/comfort of passengers and troops




The AMSS performs in-flight aircrew functions according to applicable flight manuals,

checklists and other Air Force publications. The AMSS's duties include pre-flighting,

troubleshooting, testing and repairing of various voice and data networks, surveillance

radar, Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) interrogator and airborne computer equipment.

This can include maintaining processing displays, conducting air-to-air/air-to-ground

clear and secure communications, and sustaining radar operations to monitor both air and

ground targets. Other systems that could fall under the AMSS duties include airborne

electronic reconnaissance equipment, flight director system and weather radar equipment.




The airborne operations specialists (AOS), also called Airborne Operations Technician

(AOT), Airborne Surveillance Technician (AST) or Sensor Operator (IR/TV} performs

aircrew duties on E-3, E-8, and AC-130 H/U. The 1A4 performs in-flight aircrew

functions according to applicable flight manuals, checklists and other Air Force


The E-3/E-8 AOT/AST's duties include operating airborne radar consoles and electronic

counter-measures equipment, interpreting computer displays, and maintaining

communication nets between air-to-air, air-to-ground and maritime activities. They also

record, display, and distribute mission information concerning tactical air, ground and

maritime activities.

The AC-130



sensor operator, or IR/TV, performs aircrew duties on the AC-130H/U.




The flight

attendant's duties include planning, coordinating, and managing all mission

requirements; providing safety, comfort and reliability for the executive branch, members

of Congress, prominent military members and national or international leaders while

flying aboard assigned aircraft. Their primary responsibilities are maintaining

proficiency in emergency equipment, emergency procedures and egress duties.





The gunner's cduties include loading, .

monitoring, firing, troubleshooting, repairing, and directing the 7.62 mini-guns, .50-

caliber machine gun, 25mm cannon, 40mm Bofors and 1 05mm Howitzer. Gunners can

also conduct psychological warfare and




vision goggle operations to remote landing





The airborne cryptologic linguist specialty performs aircrew duties on the RC-135 (Rivet

Joint, Combat Sent, and Cobra Ball) and a few special operations aircraft. The linguist

performs in-flight aircrew functions according ·to applicable flight manuals, checklists,

and other Air Force publications. The cryptologic linguist specialty performs and

supervises recording, transcribing, translating,· analyzing and reporting of assigned voice,.







The ISR Operator flies as primary aircrew onboard a wide variety of aircraft to operate,

evaluate and manage au!bome ISR information and related ground processing systems;

performs identification, acquisition, recording, analysis and reporting of assigned ISR





sensor data with in-flight ISR data and database files. Provides ISR

threat warning support, actionable intelligence, and interfaces with other units. Provides

threat warning to customers as required; achieves and maintains situational awareness of

impending/ongoing air, ground and maritime combat operations. Knowledgeable of U.S.

and allied operations such as interception, interdiction, Close




Support (CAS), Combat








The Remotely Piloted Aircraft {RPA) Sensor Operator (SO) Career Field encompasses

functions involved in program formulating;-policy

with all Special Instructions and the unified combatant Air Tasking Order. As

crewmembers, they assist RPA pilots through all phases of employment to include

mission planning, flight operations, and debriefings. They provide continuous monitoring

of aircraft flight status, weapons systems

of airpower during offensive air operations, and terminal weapons guidance; conduct

immediate first phase Battle Damage Assessments (BDA).

planning;inspecting;training-and directing, performing combat operations related to crew position activities, sensor suite operations and unit functionality. Employs manual and computer-assisted active and passive airborne-based sensor systems to acqurre, track and monitor airborne and  maritime ground objects. Qualified operator performs operational procedures in accordance



Flight Safety




The flight safety NCO manages safety programs, ensures members receive

job related and local area safety· training, conducts safety inspections, and reports anysafety mishaps to the wing safety office.


Aircrew Training


This office is responsible for the maintenance and administration of training records

and training reguirements of aircrew members. The training office works closely

with the scheduling and sguadron standardization and evaluation {STAN/EVAL)

offices for scheduling training missions and check rides. Normally, instructors are assigned to the training office.


Standardization and Evaluation (STAN/EVAL)


This office is responsible for the administration of the commander's STAN/EVAL

program. The STAN/EVAL office administers and documents requirements for

upgrade check rides and in-flight evaluation~ to those who are due periodic flight

evaluations, and maintalilFlight Evaluation Folders on all assigned flyers.

Normally, evaluators are assigned to the STAN/EVAL office. We will cover more about the STAN/EVAL office in unit four.


Flight Superintendent



Flight superintendents, normally an NCO or SNCO, are responsible for the daily

management of all individuals assigned under them. They may delegate duties to individuals or to element leaders. First Seargeants are not always assigned

to flying squadrons. Therefore, it is common for flight superintendents to perform first sergeant duties. ·


What is the Air Force organized; trained, and equipped for?

For Prompt and sustained air offensive and defensive operations for the nation

Air Combat Command (ACC)









ACC Headquarters is at Langley AFB VA. ACC is the primacy force provider of combat

, airpower to America's war fightting commands. To support global implementation of

national security strategy, ACC operates fighter, bomber, reconnaissance, battlemanagement,

and electronic-combat aircraft.


It also provides command, control,communications and intelligence systems, and conducts global information operations.

ACC organizes trains, equips and maintains combat-ready forces for rapid deJ.?l.QY!!!ent

and employment while ensuring strategic air defense forces are ready to meet the

challenges of peacetime air sovereignty and wartime air defense. ACC forces provide the

air component to U.S. Central, Southern and Northern Commands, with Headquarters

ACC serving as the air component to Joint Forces Commands. ACC also augments to U.S European and Pacific




Air Force Special


operations Command



    AFSOC headquarters is at Hurlburt Field FL. The Motto and mission is  Americas specialized air power  a step ahead in a changing world delivering special operations air power anytime anywhere" organizes and trains and equips  air force special operations forces for worldwide deployment and assignment to regional unified comands.

Air Mobility Command (AMC)



AMC headquarters is at Scott AFB IL. AMC's Primary mission is rapid global mobilityAnd sustainment for America's armed forces. The command also plays a crucial role inproviding humanitarian support at home and around the world. AMC provides airlift of troops and equipment, air-refueling support to DOD agencies, and conducts special air missions and aero medical evacuation for US forces.









Forces (PACAF)


P ACAF headquarters is at Hickam AFB HI. The mission of P ACAF is to provide ready,aerospace power to promote US interests in the Asia-Pacific during peacetime, through crisis, and in war. PACAF's primary mission is to plan, conduct, control, and coordinate offensive and defensive air operations in the Pacific and Asian theaters and in those Arctic regions under U.S control PACAF's area of responsibility includes Alaska and extends from the West Coast of the Americas to the East Coast of Africa and from the Arctic to the Antarctic.





Forces in Europe (USAFE)


USAFE headquarters is at Ramstein AB, Germany. The..mission_ of USAFE is to provideresponsive air power and forward presence for the U.S. and NATO. USAFE conducts.controls, and coordinates offensive and defensive air operations in the European area.USAFE is the principle air component of the unified US European Command. TheUSAFE commander also serves as the commander of NATO's Allied Air Forces, Central Europe. USAFE's area of responsibility includes Europe, Africa, and : portions of Asia.





Force Reserve Command (AFRC)


AFRC headquarters is at Robins AFB GA. :The mission of the AFRC is to provide the world's best mutual support to the Air Force and our joint partners; flying and fighting,aS An Unrivaled Wingman. AFRC's primary mission is to deliver sovereign options for the defense of the United States of America and its global.mission "to fly and fight in Air,. Space and Cyberspace." The AFRC plays an integral role in the day-to-day Air Force mission and is not held in reserve for possible war or contingency operations.





National Guard (ANG)


The Air National Guard is a separate reserve component of the United States Air Force; not a MAJCOM. However, it is part of the total force. ANG headguarters is at thePentagon in Washington DC. The ANG's mission is to maintain well-trained, well-During peacetime, the combat-ready units and support units are. assigned to most AirForce major commands- to carry ouf missions compatible-with training, mobilization -Readiness, humanitarian and contingency operations.The ANG supports their local state government during peacetime for humanitarian relief during natural disasters and supports the federal government during times of conflictwhen activated by the President of the United States. Figure 2b-l below shows the different shields that represent each command as discussed above. (NOTE: ANG is not a command or MAJCOM)




Total Force means maximizing the capability of equipment and balancing the 1experience levels·· of military-members,- reducing-redundancies and eliminating-outdated  operations, while improving the services training, effectiveness., and overall combat capability. Total Force for the Air Force enables airmen to conduct missions anywhere on the globe or from their home stations, reducing involuntary mobilizations, while enabling the Air Force to use its reserve/guard-component capabilities and the stability these airmen bring to the Air Force.





A Joint or Unified Combatant Command composed of forces from two or, more services. They have a broad and continuing mission; and organized on either a functional or a geographical basis into regions known as Areas of Responsibility (AORs).




Combined commands consist of forces from more than one nation. Since combinedcommands are bi-national or multi-national, their missions and responsibilities must be established and assigned to conform to bi-national and multi-national agreements. Normally, a combined command operates under the terms of a treaty, alliance, or bilateral agreement between or among the nations concerned.

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