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Section VII: Business Skills and Legal Responsibilities; Chapters 44 and 45

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Disscuss ways to ensure a

successful substitute teaching experience.


Having Consistent Policies in Place- procedures used in providing subsitute instruction.  Knowledgable  instructors and well informed participants.

Evaluating the Situation- Knowlege of the class dynamics.  Tools that the original instructor uses to motivate the class.

Developing Self-Confidence- Knowing class information and developed teaching experiences. Rehearse routine prior to class time.

Making the Right Connection- Instructor/participant relationships are dependant on the interactions and connections made in class.  The first 30-60 seconds will determine the rest of the hour.

Tips to Help Ensure Successful Substitute Teaching
  • Lower risk of early death.
  • Know the class format and participant expectations.
  • Arrive early, prepared and ready to greet.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Introduce yourself with a short, positive opener.
  • Rehearse the class routine.
  • Focus on a friendly face.
  • Do not take negative attitudes personally.
  • Keep routine simple and easy to cue.
  • Make sure you are seen and heard by all participants.
  • Have fun, and let it show!!

Employee vs.

Independent Contractor



  • If a health and fitness facility collects all membership dues and training fees, faciltiy engages an instructor to teach specific classes at specific times, club manager oversees the delivery of services and the training of staff.
  • Employer is responsible for the paying our all taxes, workers compensation, and other withholdings.
  • Employer is responsible for negligent acts or omissions that occur during delivery of service.

 Independent Contractor

  • The individual is responsible in determining how, when and where services will be provided.
  • Individual is responsible for their own income tax, governmental tax or payment withholdings.
  • Individual is responsible for negligent acts or omissions that occur during delivery of service.


Discuss the seven (7) services that Group Exercise Instructors should deliver in order to ahere to the "Standard of Care" outlined by the fitness industry.
  • Screen participants prior to service.
  • Recommendation of activities
  • Recording of activities.
  • Record Keeping
  • Leadership
  • Supervision
  • Emergency Response Concerns
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