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AFAA Group Ex. Cert. Practice Test
Part I: Group Demonstration (Exercise Categories of Demonstration 1-6)

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During the practical exam, you will be evauated in a group demonstration.  The lead examiner will each category of exercise to be demonstrated.  All participants will then simultaneously demonstrate exercies appropriate for that category without verbal examination.  You should continue to demonstrate exercises for that category until you are requested  to change to the next category.


Demonstration Level of Difficulty

All exercises demonstrated should be appropriate for a beginner or intermediate level of ability.  If a more diffucult variation is demonstrated, it must be followed immediatedly by a more basic modification.


Warm-up and Cardiorespiratory Training


You will have 8 minutes to demonstrate a warm-up and cardiorespiratory training segment of a class.  You will recieve two scores: a) one for content and intensity, and b) one for movement execution, form, and alignment.

  • Step In Place
  • V-step
  • Toe touch with Bicep Curl
  • Bent Over Back Stretch
  • Roll Shoulders

Cardiorespiratory Training


  • 4 steps Forward/Back with Front Bilateral Arm Raises to shoulder height.
  • Jogging in Place with Bilateral Overhead  Press
  • Jumping Jacks
  • 2 Hop Side To Side with Unilateral Arm Curl
  • Step to Side with Unilateral Arm Curl
  • Side to Side Forward/Back with Butterflies
  • Side to Side Toe Touches with Shoulder Rolls

Strength and Flexibility Training


The major muscle groups will be divided between five (5) separately scored categories of evaluation as listed below:


Chest and Back

Shoulders and Arms

Hips and Buttocks

Legs: Front and Back

Torso: Front and Back


Each category will last approximately 3 minutes (15 minutes total).  Within each category, you must demonstrate the following criteria.

  • A minimum of two (2) strength exercises and one (1) stretch per muscle grouping (a cue will be provided).
  • Primary movement must be shown in every category.
  • In addition, stabilization exercises may be demonstrated when appropriate.
  • Strength exercises must be limited to those that can be properly executed against gravity with body weight or free weights whenever elastic tubing and/or bands ar not readily available.  If tubing and/or bands are available, proper anchoring along with execution must be demonstrated.
  • Stretches must be statically held.


Chest and Back


  • Supine Bench Press
  • Unilateral Supine Bench Press
  • Unilateral Bench Press with Bridge


  • Supine Fly Bilateral
  • Supine Fly Alternating Unilateral
  • Supine Fly Bilateral with Bridge


  • Pushup on knees
  • Pushup on lean
  • Pushup on toes
  • Pushup on toes to Side Plank


  • Bent-Over Supported Unilateral Reverse Fly
  • Bent-Over Bilateral Reverse Fly
  • Bent-Over Bitlateral Reverse Fly on One Foot


  • Bent-Over Supported Unilateral Low Row
  • Bent-Over Supported Unilateral Low Row Combo
  • Bent-Over Bilateral Low Row
Shoulders and Arms
  • Shoulders (Deltoids)
  • Standing Short Lever Lateral Raises
  • Lateral Raises with Long Levers
  • Lateral Raises with Hip Abduction


  • Alternate Unilateral Overhead Press
  • Bilateral Overhead Press
  • Bilateral Overhead Press with Squat

Shoulders (Weaker Shoulder Rotators)

  • Side Lying Unilateral External Rotator Cuff
  • Sidy Lying External Rotation from Propped Position
  • Side Lying External Rotation with Hip Abduction


  • Bilateral Bicep Curls Standing
  • Bilateral Bicep Curls with Forward Lunge
  • Bilateral Bicep Curls on One Leg


  • Supported Unilateral Bent over Kickback
  • Bilateral Bent over Kickback
  • Bilateral Bent over Kickback with Hip Extension
Hips and Buttocks

Hips (Abductors and Adductors)

  • Side-Lying Adduction with Bent Knee
  • Side-Lying Adduction with Straight Leg
  • Side-Lying Adduction with Isometric Hip Abduction


  • Standing Hip Aduction
  • Standing Hip Abduction with Lateral Raise
  • Hip Abduction Squat

Gluteus Maximus

  • Short Lever Hip Extension in Prone Position
  • Hip Extension with One Leg
  • Hip Extension on Hand/Knee Opposite Arm/Leg


  • Supine Glute Squeeze with Hip Extension
  • Supine Hip Extension with One Leg in Air
  • Supine Hip Extension with Upper Body Combo
Legs: Front and Back

Quads (Tibialis Anterior)

  • Squat- Use Arms to Counterbalance
  • Squat with Weights Held at Shoulders
  • Hib Abduction with Squat and Overhead Press


  • Toe Raises
  • Toe Raises Isolated Foot Upper Range
  • Seated Dorsiflexion with Resistance


  • Classic Stationary Lunge
  • Step Back Lunge
  • Rear Lunge with Hamstring Curl


  • Deadlift Minimal Range
  • Deadlift with Dumbbells
  • Deadlift One Leg Progression


  • Toe Press into Band
  • Classic Stand Calf Raise
  • Single Calf Raise with Weights


Torso (Core): Front and Back

Rectus Abdominus and Obliques

  • Crunches with Hand behind Head
  • Crunches with One Arm Raised
  • Crunches with Legs Raised

Erector Spinae

  • Prone Spinal Extension
  • Prone Spinal Extension with Arm
  • Opposit Arm and Leg Reach
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