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7th Grade

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Page 9

"Joe was awful bright- graduated from high school here, head of his class. So he got a scolarship to Massachusetts Tech. Graduated head of hes class there, too. It was all wrote up in the Boston paper at the time. Goin' to be a great engineer, Joe was. But the war broke out and he died in France.-All that education for nothing.

  • Stage manager to audience
  • The stage manager is tyring to show us that even thought after all of Joe's education, he died. The stage manager said that all of Joe's education was for nothing.
  • We should always live our life to the fullest even if something goes wrong.

Page 11

"Bessie's all mixed up about the route ever since the Lockharts stopped takin' their quart of milk every day. She wants to leave 'em a quart just the same-keeps scolding me to hull up the trip."

  • Howie Newsome to Dr. Gibbs
  • This shows us that our lives are a routine and if we try to do things a new way, it doesn't feel right.

Page 14

"I washed and ironed the blue gingham for you special."

  • Mrs. Gibbs to Rebecca
  • Rebecca didn't want to wear the dress that her mother spent a long time washing.
  • It was a lot of work to wash and irond clothes back then. 
  • This happens all the time in ordinary life.

Page 20

"Well if that secondhand man's really serious about buyin' it, Julia,you sell it. And then you'll get to see Paris, all right. Just keep droppin' hints from time to time- that's how I got to see the Atlantic Ocean, y'know.

  • Mrs. Webb to Mrs. Gibbs
  • Mrs. Gibbs wants to take a trip to Paris and when Mrs. Webb tells her that she got to see the Atlantic Ocean, Mrs. Gibbs fells bad bacause they live in New Hampshire and the Atlantic Ocean is not far away from New Hampshire.

Page 24-25

Woman in the Balcony: "Is there much drinking in Grovers Corners?"

Mr. Webb: "Well, ma'am, I wouldn't know what you'd call much. No ma'am, I'd say likker ain't a regular ting in the home here, except in the medicine chest."

  • A woman in the balcony and Mr. Webb are speaking to eachother.
  • MR. Webb answers the wonan's question and he shows that this play is not a social statement.

Page 28

"Gee it's funny Emily. From my window up there I can just see your head nights when you're doing your homework over in your room."

  • George to Emily
  • George is giving Emily and the audience hints that he likes her.

Page 31

Emily: "Mama, am I good looking?"

Mrs. Webb: "Yes of course you are. All my children have got good features; I'd be ashamed if they hadn't."

Emily: "Oh, Mama, that's not what I mean. What I mean is: am I pretty?"

Mrs Webb: I've already told you, yes.

  • Emily and her mother are having a conversation
  • Emily wants to know if she is pretty and when her mother tells her she is, Emily ignores her because she wants to hear her mother say something else
  • Mrs. Mebb has to repeat herself multiple times. 

Page 33

"Babylon once had two million people in it. Yet every night all those families sat down to supper, and the father came home from his work, and the smoke went up the chimney, -same as here."

  • The stage manager is talking to the audience
  • What he is tyring to tell us is that everyone lives an ordinary life and even millions of years ago, the same things when on at home.

Page 41

"Noow, Frank, don't be grouchy. Come out and smell the heliotrope in the moonlight."

  • Mrs. Gibbs talking to Dr. Gibbs
  • Mrs. Gibbs tells her husband to come outside and smell the plants. This shows us that we should only need the simple pleasures in life.
  • In todays life, we need things like  money to be happy. Back then, all they needed was simple pleasures.
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