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You are working on a computer. Which of the following are considered essential? (Choose all correct answers.)


a. Motherboard

b. CPU

c. Memory

d. Video card

e. A scanner


1. A, B, C, D.


The essential computer components listed here are a


mother- board (no motherboard means no computer),

a CPU or processor (the brain of the computer),

memory, and video output (by means of a video card or a video port integrated into the motherboard).


Which of the following devices might be found on the front or back of a computer? (Choose all correct answers.)


a. Activity lights

b. Power switch

c. USB ports

d. None of these options are correct


A, B, C.


You might find all of the listed devices on either the front or back of a computer. Some, such as a USB port, are on both front and back.


Which of the following can cause a desktop computer to fail? (Choose all that apply.)


a. Overheating

b. Loose add-on cards

c. Drive failures

d. Adding more memory


A, B, C, D.


An overheated processor can shut down the computer or cause an unrecoverable error. A loose video card causes a blank display. Hard drive failure results in a non-bootable operating system. And if th additional memory is incompatible with the original memory or the motherboard, it could stop the computer from booting.


Which of the following are the most commonly used Windows operating systems? (Choose the three best answers.)

a. Windows XP
b. Windows 7
c. Windows Vista
d. Windows 98


A, B, C, D.


Even though some people still use Windows 98 on their
computers, it is not considered a major player among the operating systems of today.


5. Which of the following can be used in your day-to-day work on a standard Windows computer?

(Choose the two best answers.)

b. toopath
c. Disk Defragmenter
d. ifconfig


A, C.


Use CHKDSK and Disk Defragmenter to help prevent your computer from possible hard drive failure. Keeping your hard drive defragmented is a very important part of maintaining a computer.

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