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Mountain pose



stand at the front of your mat

big toes touching

distribute weight evenly throught the soles 

press the front o the thights back /rotate internally

tailbone descends

lift torso by ascending the rib cage

rotate upper arms externally

spine errect/chest lifted

level gase  



Urdva hastasana

Palms rased, facing each other


extend the arms sraight forward and above the head

upper arms in line w/ ears

pams facing each other




palms in prayer to sternum

(Paschima Namaskarasana-reverse namaste)


bend elbows and bring palms together at sternum

do not shorten biceps

equal contact between base middle and fingers of palms



Tree pose


from Tadasana:

bend right knee and catch foot

place sole high on inside of the left foot, toes poiting down

stabilize/press left foor to ground, distributing weight evenly

extend arms over the head, palms toghether 

look straignt ahead/up

exhalelower right foot to floor, arms down 

repead sides



chair pose


bend knees lower hips paralel to ground, hills on the floor

tuck tailbone in, lift frontalhip points suck in lower abs

extend arms up, tricepts and pinkies facing each other

trunk erect, chest lifted







Virabhadrasana I

Warrior Pose I


turn R foot out to 90 derees to te R

left foot ~60 degrees to the R

both legs straignt/micro bend R knee

sholders, trunk, bothside of pelvis facing R

arms on waist/raised up facingeach other






Virabhadrasana II

Warror Pose II


step R foot forward, turn L foot in

center of torso vertical, chest lifted

exhale, bend R kneeto 90 degrees, tight parllel to floor, shin perpendicular to floor

externally rotate tight, buttock down

R knee tracking over 2/3 toe

L leg extended and firm, lift foot arch

extend arms away from each other at shoulder lenght

elbows straight, wrist ad fingers extended






Uttita Trikonasana

Extended Triangle


R foot frwrd, external rotation in thight

extend arms away from each shoulder blade

exhale, extend trunk to the R

 pleace R hand on R shinbone

turn chest and waist toward celling

extend L arm up to celling, away from the shoulderblade

turn head and look up  


Uttita Parshvakonasana

Extended side angle


Follow instructions from Virabadrasana II

exhale take R hand to floor,keeping chest facing the front

extend L arm straight up in line w/ shulder

stabilize elbow, palms and fingers extended toward celing

look up past L thumb

inhale come up to Parshva and Uttita Pasta Padasana

switch sides


Uttita Hasta Padasana


Parshva Hasta Padasana

preparation poses


inhale, separate feet ~4 fl apart/keep parallel

toes pointing forwards, kees lifted, thights back

trunk/chest lifted, extend arms at shoulder level, away from shoulder blades, shoulders down, blades inwards

elbows straignt, palms facing down, fingers extended

kneck/head/gase straight ahead

from Uttta Hasta Padasana

turn R leg/thight/foot 90 degrees to R, L foot slightly in

middle of thight/knee/ankle in line

As lefg rotates to R, resist trunk and turn abd to opposite direction

head/middle throat/center chest/navel in one vertical line

both sides of waist evenly lifted


Ardha Chandrasana

Half Moon Pose


From Uttita Trikonasana

bend R knee, place hand on floor ~a foot distance in front of R leg

bring body weight forward over R foot and hand

L foot slightly intowards R leg and raise leg straight to parralell of the floor, flex ankle, spread toes

extend L arm straight/in line w/ shoulder

fingertips toward celing, turn head to look at L hand

exhale bend R leg, lower L leg to ground




Virabhadrasana III

Warrior III


From Virabhadrasana I

exhale, extend trunk and arms forward over R thigh

trunk toward arms, straignten R leg/perpndicular to floor 

 lift L leg parallel to floor

stretch arms /trunk forward and L leg back/flex ankle

mini cobra in upper back/low back in natural curve

entire body/arms/L leg paralell to floor, balanced on R leg

bend R leg, lwer L foot to floor



Gate Pose 


Kneeling, bend R leg to side, in line w/ L knee

stranghten arms asway from and in line w/ shoulder blades

extend R leg straight to side, flex foot to celing/reach to floor

exhale, w/ chest and abs facing forward bend trunk to R 

slide R hand on R shinbone

exhale, extend L hand over head, in line w/ L ear

go as far possible without loosing oppenness in chest  

to come up take L arm on waist and lift trunk





Pyramid pose  


From Utthita Hasta Padasana w/legs ~3ft apart

both heels firmly on floor, hands on waist

go to Parshva Hasta Padasana on the R, turn L foot in

inhale, raise spine, abdomen, chet, sternum and head, curve kneck, look up and back, inhale,bring head to center

inhale, stretch entire turnk forward/parallelto floor

place fingertips on both sides of R foot

legs and arms straight, pelvis parallel to floor, hips leveled

raise head, concave back and look up

inhale to come up 




Prasarita Padotanasana

From Tadasana inhle, spread legs 4 ft apart

exhale, extend/bend trunk forward from hips, strech spine

place hads flat on floor, shoulder width apart/in line w/ legs

inhale stretc pine furhter

lift chest/sternum, lenghten kneck, head up/look up

keeping chest open, exhale, bend elbows, take head to floor/rest crown of head on floor, hnds in line w/ feet

to come up lift head, chest and come up rom waist



( Ardha) Uttanasana

 ( Standing Half Forward Bend)


Baddha Hasta Uttanasana




From Tadasana exhale, stretch trunk forward and down

palce fingertips/hands on floor, in line w feet/behind feet(Ardha Uttanasana) 

For Baddha Hasta- clasp elbows above head, extending trunk, arms, elbow toward floor

legs slightly bend/lift thight away from knees

to come up place hands on waist, inhale, lift trunk,

 release arms


From Tadasana, step feet~1ft apart

go to Ardha Uttanasana iwthout disturbing feet

w/ peace finger clasp big toes/arms straight

inhale, concave back by lenghtening spine, raise chest

lenghten neck and look up

exhale, bend elbows out to the ides

lower crownand trunk toward floor

to come up inhale, release clasp, palce hands on waist and come up


Adho Mukha Shvanasana

Downward Facing Dog


From Uttanasana place hands down on floor

step feet 3-4 feet distance back

hands shoulder width apart, feet in line w/palms

palms spread, fingers press evenly on floor

exhale, stretch arms, elbws straight

lenghten spine towards hips

leg straight, lift thight up and push them back/rotate externally

stretch calfes, take hills toward floor






Sit upright w/ Tadasana legs stretcher in front

thighs/feet toghether, toes pointing straight toward celing

even weight on both sit bones/buttocks

press upper thights tward floor

place hands on side of hips, roleshoulder bone back

lift spine/abdomen/ and trunk

lift sternum toward head

kneck and had straight/lookahead/at eye level


Baddha Konasana

From Dandasana bend legs one a time, taking knees out, hills toward torso as close as possible

press sles of feet together

widen knees away from hips and down towars floor

interlock the fingers and clasp around feet

sit straight, spine erect, lift chest, roll shoulders back

to come out extend legs,return to Dandasana

Eagle Pose
From Tadasana: Bend knees/balance on R foot, cross L thigh over, fix gaze in front spread arms at shoulder level,drop your left arm under your right, bend elbows, raise forearms perpendicular to the floor, wrap your arms and hands, and press palms/lift elbows/reach fingertips toward the ceiling.shoulder blades pressing down your back, toward your waist
Square hips and chest to front/Draw belly in and up
To come out unwind your legs/arms
Dolphin Pose & Plank
From table-top/all fours
knees under hips/wrists under shoulders
elbows to the floor,lined up with shoulders/forearms parallel
straighten legs as if coming into downward facing dog
for plank: lower legs to~ parallel to floor/tailbone in/low belly up/ firm toes on floor/extend sternum forward, trough arms
Garland Pose
stretches ankles, groin and back torso
aids in digestion/elimination
Squat w/feet close together/heels on floor/thighs wider than your torso Exhale, lean torso forward & between thighs
press elbows against your inner knees/ palms in Namaskar/resist knees into elbows to lengthen torso
To deepen pose: press inner thighs against torso/arms forward, and to the sides/shins into armpits
press finger tips to floor/reach around outside of ankles, clasping back heels

To come out:inhale, straighten the knees & stand
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