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Role and Responsibilities of the Health and Safety Practicioner
Undergraduate 1

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Requirement to Acquire Health and Safety Assistance
  • MHSWR 1999 Regulation 7
    • Appoint ≥one competent person to assist in compliance
    • Arrange for these people to cooperate
    • Ensure number, time and means at disposal are adequate
    • If not employees, provide with information
    • Inform of any person under fixed contract or in employment business
    • Appoint competent employees in preference to others
  • Note: Self employed or partners do not need to appoint anyone if they themselves are competent
Role of Health and Safety Practitioner
  • Provide information and guidance
  • Support line management with co-ordination of H&S work
  • Monitor effectiveness of actions to meet responsibilities
Function of Health and Safety Practitioners
  • Identify problems (including hazards)
  • Assess the need for action
  • Assist with the assessment of risks
  • Design and develop strategies and plans
  • Advise on relevant current best practice for prevention
  • Present themselves and their advice in an independent manner
  • Promote and communicate health, safety and welfare advances and practices
  • Assist with the implementation of these strategies and plans
  • Evaluate their effectiveness
  • Maintain records relating to health and safety performance
Competence and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Competency = "The ability to undertake responsibilities and perform activies to a recognises standard on a regular basis. It is a combination of skills, experience and knowledge."
  • Training is an important component of establishing competence, but is not suffience on its own.
  • ACOP to MHSWR 1999 Reg 7:
    • Understanding of relevent current best practice;
    • Awareness of limitations of one's own experience and knowledge;
    • Willingness and ability to supplement existing experience and knowledge, where necessary by obtaining external help and advice.
  • HS Practitioners need to keep updated with current best practice and changes in law/technology.
  • CPD portfolio should state aims and objectives, and plan to achieve them, logging actions to reach these goals.
Ethics in Health and Safety Practice
  • Ethics = The study of moral stands and how they affect conduct
  • Ethics are rules and values of conduct that society expects of an individual with respect to their position and role
  • Professional bodies frequently use Code of Ethics as membership requirement e.g. IOSH, RoSPA
  • Practitioners should not allow their decisions to be influenced to the detriment of health and safety, and must act "without fear or favour"
  • Conflicts of interest should be dealt with ethically by declaring the conflict to all relevant parties at the earliest opportunity, and not allowing
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