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What is the relationship between the recruiter and SMCR?
Not a competition, and mutual need to acquire enlistments. Things to consider:
1) Working with HS and Reservist or I&I Staff
2) Exploit media contacts
3) Mutual development of contacts
4) Local training/demonstrations
5) Using the unit to motivate and prepare poolees
6) Incorporate SMCR unit activities in the MIS to ensure they are coordinated with the RSS’s plans.
How does one build a working relationship with the Selected Marine Corps Reserve Unit?
1) Visit SMCR unit at least once a month
2) Make the unit part of IRT’s
3) Drop of incentive items
4) Keep them informed about recruiting and specific areas where assistance is needed
5) Ask if they need help
6) Get involved in unit training on drill weekends
7) Teach some classes during drill weekends
8) Participate in SMCR socials
9) Include SMCR unit/staff in RSS socials and activities
10) Obtain current info on unit’s schedule. Use it to sell the Reserve Program
11) Request use of Reserve Training Center
12) Include the SMCR and I&I staff in family nights held by RS and RSS
13) Support “Educator Seminars”
14) Visit SMCR unit with RS and District CO when they are around.
How does one work reserve affiliates?
1) Point of Contact to gain access in a school.
2) Contact in the PTA to talk about the NROTC program
3) A job of USMCR in the pool
4) Contacts in the local media
5) Speaker for an educator’s meeting
6) List of seniors in a high school
What is a reserve referral
When reserve unit notifies the RS it has a referral.
1) Walks into training center, is interviewed by member of the SMCR, talks to recruiter and enlists
2) Individual contacted by the SMCR unit, talks to recruiter and enlists.
3) Individual whose name is referred to SMCR unit by a unit member or other contact, talks to recruiter and enlists.
4) Former Marine, must go through SMCR unit to count, talks to recruiter and enlists.
5) Non – obligor presently in SMCR who reenlists in Regular Marine Corps or accepts a commission.
6) Reservist, obligor/non-obligor assigned to EAD recruiter status on a initial EAD contract. Has broken period after 1st assignment as an EAD recruiter.
7) Recruiter Aide generated referral that enlists.
8) Cat P reservist generated referral that enlist counts as “Dual Credit” to CRP and RRP.
9) Boot Leave Reservist generated referral who enlists.
How does one work a reserve referral card?
Card must be filled out by SMCR unit.
Four parts:
1) Reserve unit forwards to RS
2) Delivered to RSS designated to process the referral
3) SMCR unit retains for record of referral
4) SMCR unit forwards to Fulfillment Center. Fulfillment Center will track until enlisted or rejected.
Upon receipt at the RSS, the NCOIC completes the appropriate data and staples it to the PAC Card. NCOIC or assigned recruiter will then:
1) Initiate screening
2) Conduct and interview (if found qualified for enlistment processing)
3) Prepare enlistment package and schedule for processing.
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