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Whose house did the men take the ark of the LORD to after leaving Beth Shemesh?

a)       Jesse

b)       Samuel

c)zechariah  d)Abinadab 

Then the men of Kirjath Jearim came and took the ark of the Lord, and brought it into the house of Abinadab on the hill,

d)Abinadab  T

Who did the men of Kiriath Jearim consecrate to guard the ark of the LORD?

a)       Ben-Hadad

b)       Joshua

c)       Eleazar

d)       Abihu

 consecrated Eleazar his son to keep the ark of the Lord.

c)       Eleazar

How long did the ark of the LORD remain at Kiriath Jearim?

a)       twenty years

b)       one month

c)       3 years

d)       7 years


there twenty years




a)       twenty years

What did the people do while the ark of the LORD remained at Kiriath Jearim?

                a)  Fasted in sack cloth and ashes

                b)  Cried to Samuel for a king

                c)  And all the house of Israel lamented after the Lord the hill,

                d)  Sang a song of praise to the LORD for delivering them from Egypt

And all the house of Israel lamented after the Lord

The Israelites were told to do this so the LORD would deliver them from the Philistines?

a)       Kill a fatted calf and serve the LORD

b) put away the foreign gods and the Ashtoreths from among you, and prepare your hearts for the Lord, and serve Him only;

c)       Place an alter at the Jordan River and serve the LORD

d)       Wash in the Jordan and go up against the Philistines

b)    put away the foreign gods and the Ashtoreths[a] from among you, and prepare your hearts for the Lord, and serve Him only;

Where did Samuel tell the Israelites to Gather all Israel to _____ ;so he could intercede for them?

a)       Ai

b)       Mizpah

c)       Beth Car

d)       Gath

Gather all Israel to Mizpah, 


b)       Mizpah

What did the Israelites do when they assembled at Mizpah?

a)       , drew water, and poured it out before the Lord. And they fasted that day, and said there,

(b“We have sinned against the Lord.”


c)       All of the above

d)       None of the above

c)       All of the above

What did the Philistines do when they heard that Israel had assembled at Mizpah?

                a)  Sent a delegation to offer peace

                b)  Conceded the territory to Israel

                c)  Came up went up against them

                d)  Invited them into their camp for a celebration

 the lords of the Philistines went up against Israel. 

 c)  Came up went up against them

What did the Israelites tell Samuel to do to help against the Philistine attack?

a)       Offer a suckling kid to the LORD

b)       Send a messenger to the Philistines for peace talks

c)       “Do not cease to cry out to the Lord our God for us, that He may save us from the hand of the Philistines.”



d)       Samuel was told to go as their leader to the Philistine camp


“Do not cease to cry out to the Lord our God for us, that He may save us from the hand of the Philistines.”


What did Samuel offer to the LORD as a burnt offering on Israel’s behalf?

a)       a suckling calf

b)       a suckling lamb

c)       two turtle doves

d)       a ram

b)suckling lamb and offered it 

What threw the Philistines into a panic when they drew near to engage the Israelites?

a)       a sand storm

b)       tsunami struck

c)       an earthquake

d)       loud thunder

the Lordthundered with a loud thunder upon the Philistines that day

d)       loud thunder

The men of Israel pursued and slaughtered the Philistines to just below which town?

a)       Kiriath Jearim

b)       Beth Car

c)       Beth Shemesh

d)       Mizpah

And the men of Israel went out of Mizpah and pursued the Philistines, and drove them back as far as below Beth Car. 


b)       Beth Car

What did Samuel name the stone he set up between Mizpah and Shen?

a)       Jereh

b)       El Elyon

c)       Ebenezer

d)       El Berith

Ebenezer,[c] saying, “Thus far the Lord has helped us.”

c)       Ebenezer

What saying did Samuel make after naming the stone?

a)      Thus far the Lord has helped us.”



b)       our LORD is the Most High God

c)       our LORD provides

d)       our LORD God keeps His covenant

    thus far has the LORD helped us

How many more times did the Philistines invade Israelite territory?

a)       they invaded three more time

b)       they invaded seven more times

c)       they did not invade again

d)       they invaded one more time

c)       they did not invade again

Towns between which to cities were restored to Israel after the defeat of the Philistines?

a)       Hebron to Gath

b)       Gath to Gaza

c)       Ashdod to Gaza

d)       Ekron to Gath

Ekron to Gath

Peace was established between Israel and which nation of people?

a)       Hittite

b)       Amorite

c)       Ammonite

d)       Edomite

Israel and the b) Amorites

Where was Samuel’s home?

a)       Ramah

b)       Bethel

c)       Gilgal

d)       Mizpah

he always returned to Ramah, for his home 

a)       Ramah

What three cities would Samuel visit to judge the people?

a)       Bethel, Kiriath Jearim, and Gilgal

b)       Bethel, Gilgal, and Mizpah

c)       Bethel, Ramah, and Kiriath Jearim

d)       Gilgal, Mizpah,  and Shiloh

 Bethel, Gilgal, and Mizpah

Bethel, Gilgal, and Mizpah
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