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Hose Lay 1--Hydrant to Fire

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What are the references for Hose Lay 1: Hydrant to Fire; Single 4" Supply Line, 1 1/2" or 1 3/4" Hand Line from Transverse Bed?
Mops Volume 3 and Recruit Handout #221.
Where does the Engineer place the apparatus prior to beginning Hose Lay #1?
At the hydrant, tailboard even with the hydrant.
When does the Hydrant man begin laying his/her line?
Upon getting the command to "lay a line"
Upon the Hydrant man's command to "Take Off" how long/far shall the Engineer take the apparatus?
Until 2 couplings hit the ground or instructed to stop.
When does the Nozzle member ask for his hose lay?
Never, the hose lay will be told to him/her upon which he/she will exit the jumpseat and proceed to his/her designated spot.
What is the Engineers duties from the time of parking the engine to receiving supply from the Hydrant member?
1. Exits cab w/ three point contact.
2. Proceeds to remove 4" double female from Engineer's panel side compartment.
3. Gasket check then connect onto Keystone valve.
4. Pulls a "Running line for supply" and dresses the 4" hose.
5. Properly breaks 4" coupling in the work area (3 ft from tailboard)
6. Beds female coupling
7. Shoulders the male coupling and proceeds to keystone; stopping with a positive stop just past the Keystone.
8. Recapture male coupling properly and flaking out for proper slack
9. Advance and connect to Keystone, open keystone valve.
10.Step outside of panel work area; remove helmet and wave, while calling for water.
11.Proceed to wide angle center-duals
When does the nozzle member start his/her operation?
If the fire is on Engineer's side of apparatus, the nozzle member waits for Engineer to clear the work area.

If the fire is on Captain's side of the apparatus, the nozzle member should step directly onto running board of transverse bed and start his/her operation.
If the fire is on the Engineer's side, where does the Nozzle member wait to begin his/her operations, and what is the cue for him/her to begin his/her operation?
If the fire is on the Engineer's side, the Nozzle member will stop at the front center-duals and wait for the Engineer to call for water and proceed out of the work area.
What is the Nozzle Member's operational procedure from the point of stepping onto the running board of the fire side transverse bed?
1. Places him/herself on the running board adjacent to hose size required for the lay.
2. Grabs nozzle with both hands ensuring butt is shut off.
3. Place nozzle over right shoulder, bail away, at middle back.
4. Right elbow high, with proper hose grip, the left hand is holding onto transverse bed poles.
5. Nozzle member looks over left and right shoulder, ensuring it is clear and steps off, one foot at a time.
6. Nozzle member pulls slack, and then pivots left to the objective.
7. Proceeds with nozzle to the objective
8. Places nozzle in the proper spot, 2" from the objective.
9. Runs back and grabs coupling with overhand natural grip, with elbow straight, and advances how ever many couplings needed to complete the hose lay.
10. First coupling should be 4" from Objective or 2" from the nozzle, in the proper place and in the proper alignment.
11. After all hose is laid out for the hose lay, the Nozzle Member recaptures nozzle (one hand on tip, one on bail) and calls for "Water".
After Hydrant member opens stem of hydrant fully and addresses kink up to last coupling before the tailboard/work area, what is his/her operational procedure?
1. Asks instructor "Sir/Maam whats the Hose Lay Sir/Maam?"
2. Repeats hose lay to instructor and places tools in cabinet opposite the fire side. (take note of how many couplings are out and where couplings are being placed)
3. Using quickest route, proceed to help advance couplings.
4. After all couplings required for the hose lay is done being advanced; hydrant member proceeds for pike pole.
5. Holding pike pole at 60 degree angle across body (hand at shoulder and hip when carrying pike pole at all times); with point down not at eye level.
6. Use quickest route to the objective and place pike pole with point to the ground on the side of the nozzle.
7. Take position on the opposite side of the Nozzle member on the hose.
After the Nozzle member calls for water, what does the Engineer do?
1. Ensures coupling is in the 3 feet arc working area.
2. If not, pull a running line so that one coupling is in the 3 feet working area.
3. Break coupling and bed the male.
4. Connect coupling to discharge closes to the fire.
5. Open valve with verbal "Water Coming"
6. Address kinks up until the first coupling away from discharge.
7. Address slack coming from hose bed.
8. Address kinks of 4" from Keystone to the first coupling.
9. Address slack from hose bed.
10.Step outside of the work area and state "That's High"

11. This completes the evolution.
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