A rule that defines the appearance of an element on a Web page.


A language that allows a Web developer to write code statements that control the style of elements on a web page.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Allows you to change the style for a single element on a Web page, or to change the style of elements on all pages in a Web site.

Style Sheet

The type of style sheet that allows you to add a style to an individual HTML tag.

Inline Style Sheet

The type of style sheet that allows you to define the style for an entire Web page.

Embedded Style Sheet

the type of style sheet you create a textfile that contains all the styles you want to apply and then save the text file with the extension .css.

External Style Sheets

Is made up of a selector and a declaration that defines the style for one or more properties.

Style Statement

The part of the style statement that identifies how the elements should appear.


Defines the style of a link when a mouse pointer points to it.

An A Selector

In CSS, you can create several different variations for any one tag with this.


CSS is a separate language use to enhance the display capabilities of what?


With this type of style, you add the style sheet within the <head> tags of the HTML document to define the style for the entire Web page.

Embedded Style

The part of the style statement that that identifies the page elements is called what?


For the Border property, which of the following would be a valid option?


A     family

B     Style

C     Variant

D     weight



Which of the following is NOT an option for the background property?


A     color

B     image

C     size

D     position

What are the two kinds of selectors?

Selector A - indicates a link element

Selector P - indicates text in paragraph


The code for an embedded style sheet must be inserted within what start and end tag?

<Style>  </style>
An example of an Inline Style.  Code is placed inside the opening tag of the desired tag.


Example:  <p style="color:red">


An example of an internal Style sheet.  Code is placed in the <head> section.

<style type="text/css">



An example of an external style sheet.  Links the webpage to an external style sheet.


<link rel="stylesheet"type="text/css" href="mystyle.css"/>


Examples of Body Styles

background-color:yellow;  sets the background color

background-image:url('paper.gif'); sets the background image

Examples of Text Styles

color:red; Changes the text color.  Values: name, hexadecimal (#ff000), rgb(255,0.0).

text algin: center; Aligns the text horizontally.

text-decoration:underline; Underlines text

text-decoration:50px; indents text from the left

text-transform:uppercase;Controls capitaliztion. Values : none, capitalize, uppercase, lowercase

Examples of Font Styles

font-family:arial: Sets the typeface for text.

font-size:100%; Set the font size

font-style: normal; Sets the font style for paragraphs. Values: normal, italic, oblique

Examples of Link Styles

a:link{color:#FF0000;} Sets color for an unvisited link

a:visited {color:#FF0000;} Sets color for a visited link

a:hover {color:#FF0000;}

a:active{color:#ff0000:} Sets color for the selected link

Examples of List Styles

list-style-image:url("image.gif:); Sets list items marker to an image

list-style-type: Sets the item marker type